In the earlier blog I said we go to Lawrence to visit HiVee. I just saw their ad and saw that it is HyVee. The HyVee on 6th Street in east Lawrence, KS has the best meat for the money. They have a butcher counter and do special things with stuffed pork chops and chicken breasts. I loved their Brats with all the different flavors but I have been informed that I need to restrict my choices to regular flavor.

I saw in their ad today that they have an "All you care to eat" buffet. What happened to the "All you can eat" buffet? Yes, I am using this as a lead in to tell you the story about the time Danny Rex and I got asked to not come back to the "All you can eat" buffet. My sister worked at a Crank's Drug Store in Wichita. They had this little cafeteria in the store and normally had a typical order off the menu spread. At noon during the week they had a buffet and I say the fried chicken from that buffet was the best I had eaten. When you are 14, it all tastes good but some better than others. Danny Rex, my good buddy, and I were out doing what we did normally and stopped in to eat. Man was I hungry (I was always hungry) and Danny didn't miss many meals. We sat down and started to eat. At least two chickens @ later, we were hitting out stride when the waitress came over and said they were shutting down the buffet and if we wanted any more we needed to get over there and get some. We did and we did. Just about the time I was going to unbutton the top button on my fly, the manager came over and sat down.

He said that he was glad that we liked his chicken but he would be grateful if we took our business elsewhere. He wasn't sure he could afford to feed many people like us. I told him that it wasn't my idea to call it an, "All you can eat buffet. He was the one that put up the sign." I did notice that the next time I went in the store they changed the sign to just Buffet.

Another time I was in Washington, D.C. with a group of Kansas Guardsmen on a visit to the National Guard Bureau. Here in the Heartland, we don't get a lot of seafood places so we took on the all you can eat night at the Chesapeake Bay Seafood House. The deal there was that if you bought say for example the shrimp, you could have all the shrimp or any of the cheaper items on the menu. Almost to a man we decided that the Alaska King Crabs Legs were the most expensive and that opened the door to everything on the menu. We ate like there was no tomorrow and put the shells in the middle of the table. After an hour or so, the waitress came over with a piece of paper and a pencil. She said she needed our names. I asked her what for and she replied, "For the Environmental Impact Statement because we had wiped out at least one harvest season in Alaska." For brevity, I'll tell you that she got great tips from us. I'm not sure if the advice to plant her corn early was what she expected but hey when you are full of fish, it is hard to be funny.

I'll skip the story of the Mammoth Cut prime rib at the Hereford House on our next trip for now. See you in the funny papers.


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