Nebraska Quiz

Turner Gill was a star at Nebraska and KU hired him as the new football coach after coach Mangino threw his last fit. Turner wants to get to know all the players so he used the quiz they used at Nebraska. There are 10 questions and they cover the wide range of family, friends and activities. There is one really different question - "What do you thing was the most important invention?"

One of the linemen gave a really different answer. He said a Thermos. The coach just had to ask why it was an important thing. The lineman responded, "Well Coach, it keeps cold things cold and hot things hot..... How do it know?"


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  1. HA! You probably heard the one about when Bo Pelini went to head coach at Nebraska. He brought the team in and said, "Boys, things are gonna change around here. No more goofing off with your classes. You're gonna study, work hard, and learn just like everyone else in your classes.

    From now on, that "N" on your helmet is gonna stand for Nowledge."