This year we have lost our matriarch and gained the newest Great grandchild. My mother left in April and Dexter H. Thompson was born yesterday. I guess it is fair that some come and some go or we would be up to our armpits in people. Our good friends the Parks lost a daughter way too soon and that makes me the most sad.

Barb suggested we go for a bike ride this morning and wanted to go somewhere new. We went over by the Brown vs Board Of Education Site and rode the Shunga trail from there back to Gage Blvd. I did a quick calculation and we went 12 MPH for 50 minutes. That figures out 10 miles by my calculations. Nice ride and the wind in our faces kept it from being too hot. I know that in a couple of weeks the Shunga trail will have some giant size rag weed so we won't ride there much more this year. The Lake Shawnee trail has very little rag weed near the trail.

This weekend the family will get together in lawrence for August Birthdays. Amy and Austin from Birmingham will be there and Sunday is my Birthday. My first gift was a coffee cup with a picture of the Special K's on it. Coffee in my belly and a smile on my face is a great way to start the day. In case you don't know, the Special K's are Katrina and Kendra Reimer visiting all the way from Morocco. They are with their family in Western Kansas right now and the house is quiet without the sound of little feet and giggles.

Better mosey on Boys and Girls. Things to do and people to see. Have a great day out there.



  1. Dexter is a GREAT name! Congrats! And I am really glad to see the solid names coming back into use.

  2. What Paul said.

    Also, I've also pondered the going away of the elders, and the coming on of the new ones.

    My wife's Okie Grandma passed just a few days before our first son was born. It was a great comfort to my Mother-in-law whose Momma had just gone on to heaven to have her first grandchild to love on.

    God is good that way. Good post, MUD.