Has it Been a Year?

About a year ago, our son Dave and the other Barbara Petty renewed their vows on the Command Deck of the Starship Enterprise in the Hilton, Las Vegas, NV. We had a good time but my Barb was having a little trouble with her back. It wasn't as much fun because of that but all in all it was a good time.

I am a Kansas JayHawk fan and I love to watch the former JayHawks as they move on to the NBA. While I was not a Boston Celtic fan, I do love to watch Paul Pierce play. With their two new players they added this year they have managed to put together a team worth watching. The season has finally (and I do mean finally) reached a climax, it will be the LA Lakers vs the Boston Celtics in the finals for all the marbles. It won't start until Thursday but hey, I'll watch the last few games. With our KC Royals just breaking a 12 game losing streak, what else is there to watch? Tennis? Nah!


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  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Congrats to your son and wife! That had to be fun!