Bad Mojo

Waiting for Warmer Weather
Wonder what squirrel stew would be like?

My brother Rick said that his daughter, Becky, said that his hurting back that has kept him away from the Tulsa Games has hurt the team's Mojo. I take him to Stillwater and the hawks lose, Perhaps there is something to that Mojo stuff. Nah, Rick is a good fan and loves a good game. The kind of game decided on the floor not in some hypothetical mumbo jumbo.

Speaking of settling it on the floor, Wednesday night the K-State team will be in Lawrence to play for their share of the conference title. With KU getting a wake up call in Stillwater, I'm pretty sure that they will be ready for this game. Can't wait for the game.

Have I said that I hate getting old lately? Friday morning I was doing my best to multitask as I packed to go on out weekend escape. I filled my medicine container and then filled a glass of water. Instead of pouring out the Friday Pills in my hand, I grabbed the glass and poured myself a big hand full of water. Duh Dennis. I guess most of my life people have been telling me to slow down and concentrate. How does that punchline go? You know you are challenged if someone asks you why you are standing looking at the orange juice container and your reply is that the container said concentrate.

There is hope that by the end of the week we just might hit 60 here in the heartland. It was tough to leave Oklahoma knowing that their low on Sunday morning was about the high back here in Kansas. There is still snow on the ground here but with a day or so more of 40 that will be gone until the next snow. I think we won't truly be out of the winter until it reaches mid April and the temps stop falling below freezing. As a life long Kansan, I can tell you we have had some deep snows in March. Not that I am campaigning for more snow, just telling you the truth.

Better run and see what trouble I can get into elsewhere.


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  1. We had eight inches late last March here in Tulsa. Of course, it was gone the next day ...

    Those are some big honkin' squirrels.