Can You Feel It?

There is an excitement in the air, a warmth growing and it is headed to a crescendo in April. Yep, it is tax time again and there are people all over the place that are expecting a refund without understanding what it is they are getting. In the ideal world, you will not get a refund, or owe anything. The real ideal is to get to keep all of your money and not have to give the Government any more. It is your money, that the Government has been keeping without paying you one damned cent. It is a forced saving program that you don't understand, or you wouldn't do it. If, you have the Government refund you $1500 after you file your taxes, the government has been keeping about $29 a week of your money. Want an almost a dollar an hour raise, give it to your self.

In all the years I have lived in this house, there has been little I haven't experienced. I have had water faucets freeze, forgot to take the hose off a freeze free faucet and have had plumbing back ups of all kinds. I have a bucket of tools that I have purchased over the years and there is darned little I haven't or can't fix. Including my rental houses, I have replaced water heaters, faucets and stools. One thing I haven't really had to fix is a blockage in a main sewer line. I think there is a root problem in the line that goes from the vent stack to the downstairs bathroom. The toilet downstairs gurgles when the toilet upstairs is flushed. I suspect roots and that is the one thing I will fix this spring. (Or hire someone to fix it)

So far, today has been cloudy and just above freezing. No new moisture today but not going to get much warmer. A couple of weeks ago, it was 76 one day and 17 the next. That is a 59 degree swing in less than 24 hours. Yesterday, it was 40 at the start of the day and about 37 at the end. Kansas has some great weather swings and some days it just doesn't change. I have it on expert opinion that the wind doesn't blow in Oklahoma, It Sucks. Ask anyone that has been through the Cannon Cocker College at Fort Sill, OK and they can verify this.

The Master Gardner has grow lights burning in her green room and the smell of potting soil is in the air. In my fantasy world, she won't have to buy any more plants this year but I really know better. One of her favorite places is Arnold's Greenhouse down by Leroy, KS. We would go by there on our trips to visit Mom in Tulsa. It was like a trip to Sam's Club and I couldn't get out of there for less than $100. No, that is just the facts, not a complaint. Barb helped earn a lot of the money we have and she deserves to get to spend it on anything she darn well wants. Yes, it is a waste of time to write this, because she does what she darn well wants any way.

I read a cute thing in the paper this morning. When a man marries a woman he doesn't want her to ever change. When a woman marries a man she fully expects him to change. Guess who wins?



  1. MUD, having experience the Kansas weather (on visits), I believe every word you write.

    As far as a root problem in the sewer lines...I too have fixed darn near every problem a homeowner - apartment maintenance guy can imagine.

    But, when it comes to roots, I always call a pro. It takes them about an hour. It is $120. And, it's done with.

    The Mrs. has been on me about getting the garden tilled. I love the Springtime, and the fruit of the labor. But, I've got a lazy streak in me this year for some reason. Could be the three jobs...

  2. It is your money, that the Government has been keeping without paying you one damned cent.

    I always pay my favorite uncle a small amount around 4/15, usually about $1K or so. I've done that all my life.