I am not sure what my intent to day is. I know that with out visitor gone, there will be some quiet time here at Rabbit Run. Perhaps I need to get the 57 Chevy running or finish the taxes. No matter what I will do, my intent is to do it well. (OK, throw in a late afternoon nap in the mix and I will at least do it well)

Yesterday was critter day here at Rabbit Run. With a new four to six inches of snow on the ground, everyone came by for a bite to eat. The birds swarmed the feeder, a flock of turkeys came by to stir up the deep leaves and even the deer passed by to check out if there were any new old pieces of fruit thrown out. When I sent Barb a picture, I included a Raccoon picture from the last snowfall. He looked like he fit right in for this one. Just a note, most of the snow is gone and it will be in the high 50's with 70 in a day or two.

Oh well, can't make any money here so I'll get on down the road.


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