Winners, Losers and Attitude

For the most part, I watch basketball games and really don't listen to the idiots sitting at the big bench pontificating during pre-game and halftime. Yesterday when the Jayhawks were at halftime, one of the commentators pointed out that in a game between a Number One seed and a number 16 seed, the game is about a 10 minute difference. All season long, I have watched the Jayhawks play lower ranking teams even in the first half and go on to win with their typical win of an average of 80 to the other teams 65. Is the difference ability or attitude?

A lot of people will say that it is the winning team's ability to just keep scoring, running and defending. But, don't they have to do this during the other 30 games they have played? Is there a point that eventually everyone gets into shape and everyone can run for 40 minutes of the 2 hours during a game? Most players don't play much over 20 minutes of that time if the team has any players worth their salt. If it was just truly the size of the players, how can a shorter team keep up with the taller team in the first half as often? Yes, I understand that teams do make some changes during halftime like putting Brady Morningstar on the best shooter of the other team, but that can't explain a 20 point run and the end score being 80 to 60.

I understand talent and ability, but there just has to be something about how a coach can impart his will on a team and change their attitude. That attitude of getting the loose balls, the rebounds and being able to move to where the other team players aren't just has to be a major part of winning. Why else would a school be able to assemble a team and win a lot regularly. Why else would Texas who has about the most talent of any team lose 4 of their last 8 games?

I will watch five more days of basketball and then move on smartly. By the way, I love the format of the NCAA Tournament this year. If I don't want to watch the end of one game, I get to control what I watch. No more cutting over during a game to see the other team go into time out or shoot free throws. I love to be the man with the god gun and change to what I want. (Or Not)


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