Elite 8

I sure hope the KU JayHawks are listening to the coach and aren't taking the high seeding of VCU for granted. Once the Big Dance starts it is up to the team to play the team they face on the floor not their ranking. So far ar they have been doing that almost all year. I was really not surprised that Texas caught the team after they had pulled an all nighter over T-Rob's mother's death. K-State had a lot to play for and the team just never got over the really bad start. With that said, the hawks have played every one else to a victory this year and I sure hope they can continue that success. 38-2 would make them one win better than the 2008 team. Rock Chalk. We are having company over for supper today and I have cooked a brisket. It is setting in BBQ sauce right now waiting to go into the oven about 3:30. Throw in some garlic mashed potatoes, some green beans, corn on the cob and a raw veggie tray and it will be good eats here at rabbit run. Sandy, Dave's mother-in-law from Vegas is in town with her mother and it is always nice to get to see her and Kyler and Austen for a visit. In a couple of weeks we'll be in Vegas for a return visit. I can't see what has a squirrel all worked up but there is one in a tree I can see and she is waiving her tail at something. That kind of display generally is an alert to other squirrels that there is something out there or that she is out there and not to be messed with. It looks like the big red momma squirrel and she is probably about to give birth. Oh well, better get dressed and on with the day. Wouldn't hurt if the vacuum cleaner ran over the floors. MUD


  1. Sounds like some pretty good eats to me. I'm waiting for Sunday dinner, now I'm really hungry!

  2. Oh well...

    I ain't gonna say, "There's always next year," or anything retarded like that.

    I'll just say, I'm sorry your 'Hawks lost, and in a couple of years nobody will remember this game.

    Except the guys that laced 'em up and played...and my hope is that it'll make 'em all better men, regardless of which team they were on.