For Me, It all started 08/01/1947 in Kansas
from 1966 to 1997 in Uniform

To where I stand today, still in Kansas

This morning our niece in Idaho posted a link to the Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton. Red retold of his principal in elementary school explaining the Pledge of allegiance. His closing thought was wouldn't it be terrible if someone thought the words "Under God" were too much like a prayer and they got removed? Imagine his thoughts today when the entire Pledge of Allegiance is removed because of some one's "rights."

Another friend wants to give up some of his rights to silence the Westborough Baptist Church from their protest at serviceman's funerals. I wonder where these people were when the news covered the Supreme Court's decision that WBC has the same rights as we all do and they practice under the provisions of Freedom of religion, Freedom to Assemble and Free Speech. I for one will never want to give up even a token of my rights to silence those idiots. It should not surprise anyone that they require their women to wear scarves during services. having seen the pictures of Fred's daughters on the front page after they won the Supreme Court Case, I thing veils might be appropriate.

Can you imagine the outcry from the unwashed masses if Congress. at any level, tried to mess with our rights? I for one feel that the experiment of democracy as practiced by a Republic is way superior to any other form of Government.

Having worn the uniform of our Army in combat, I feel that I have the right to speak out about the changes I don't like in our Country. I don't feel that I have the right to damage your rights as I use mine. I damn sure don't want you to damage my rights when you express yours. You and I have the right to participate in the operation of the Republic by helping elect people that best represent us. Yes, I realize there is a loop hole where the Representative we elect vote their feelings but we get the chance to change them out if they stray too far afield.

I guess the whole point is that because we elect people to represent us, they will change things. If you like what they do, vote for them again. If you don't, help promote and vote for people that want it your way.



  1. Well said, MUD! The only thing I'd pick at a bit is the idea that there really has not been ENOUGH outcry from the masses as Congress has messed around with our rights.

    But, maybe we've turned a corner on that. I sure hope so.

    Good piece.

  2. I agree with what you have written about our rights.
    However, the WBC folks should feel a moral obligation to not add more greif
    to a family who has lost some one.
    Yes, they have the right to express their views, but do it somewhere else.
    Religion has created many fools as shown by their example. They just tick me off!