Rain today at 100%

Yep, it is raining this morning, so for once the weatherman got it right. It is one of those early spring days where the sun stays behind the clouds and it doesn't rain hard, it hardly rains - all day. The Master Gardner would have this at least once a week in the spring. It will get the sub soil moisture up and it won't take as much water when she sets out the little plants.

I went to my annual physical this morning and just now am having my first cup of coffee. It must be time to kick back a little because I had a headache from not having that caffeine. My blood pressure was up a little and the doctor took it several times during the physical and it went down a little each time until it was pretty normal. Nothing earth shaking apparent other than a funny place on my nose that makes me go see a Dermatologist on the 17th. After the scare under my right eye a couple of years back, I don't think I want to fool around.

The Doctor and I had a long talk about men and aging. I guess the way our plumbing is hooked up, things just slow down as we get older. I mentioned the early morning trip to the restroom and after about 10 minutes I need to go again. Yep, Old Guys just don't empty it all out and that's pretty normal for 60 year old. I feel like Taco when I first get him out of the pen. he will go from tree to tree and "mark" every tree. Then between throws of the stick he will catch up on any tree he missed on the first go round.

This morning I am going to go to the hardware store and see what kind of shut off gasket I need for the outside frost proof faucet. It froze shut this past winter and now it drips. It should not be any big deal, I will stop by the hardware store on the way to the bank. I will need to shut off the water in the house while I am gone. Oh well...

I had to take a small break and throw some bird seed on the ground. The Doves were all up in a tree near by and the porch was pecked pretty clean. Between the birds, the squirrels and the possum, not much goes to waste. The first thing is the squirrels that make sure there isn't a single sunflower seed left after they look it all over. Then the birds will peck out the smaller stuff, the squirrels will make pone more pass and then overnight the remainder disappears. Perhaps Carrie needs to spread some seed on the ground so her possums don't starve to death.

I saw "Cool Hand Luke" the other night. There are quotes from that movie that need to be captured for daily use. Right at the beginning there was something said that "Your time here is what you make of it." Kinda fast so I will have to watch it again sometime. We all know the "What we have here is a failure to Communicate" and one of my favorite lines - "No Body can eat 50 eggs." During the egg eating scene there was something said about rules and their formation. Again, I will need to watch it to catch the exact quote. I hope one of the movie channels will show Paul Newman movies each year on either the anniversary of his death or near his birthday.

Oh well, another 15 minutes (or more) shot in the rear... On to bigger and better things.



  1. The Doctor and I had a long talk about men and aging.

    Sigh. Gettin' old ain't for sissies but it does beat the alternative. Every time, until it doesn't.

  2. Outside water faucet froze: May be a bigger problem than you think. Usually the seal is back about 12" from the faucet and on the inside of the house. Usually when it freezes it also splits that 12" inside the house tube. The result is when you turn on the faucet to use it, the pressure sprays about 1/2 of all the water inside the house to damage walls or floors. Better give it a visual check to make sure the tube is not split. You may have to replace the complete unit and it is probably sodered on. It could require a plumber to keep from burning down the house while using a blow torch on the soder joint. I had frozen ones before and replaced 2 or 3 over the years.

  3. We are looking for heavy rain tonight here on the ridge (2 to 3")also. Maybe a boomer or two which gets your attention in the middle of the night.
    Isn't getting older fun! There are some meds that will keep you from wearing a path to the John at night, take it from me, they work!
    Those "freeze Proof" faucets can be a bear to repair sometime. A washer took care of one of mine a while back.