Peep Sushi


My son Dave is one of the most creative guys I know. Every year he and his Nephews, Tyler and Austen, make rice crispy treats and using the rice crispy treats, Peeps (You know those sugar coated marshmallow chicks) and fruit roll ups they make sushi like treats. It is a hoot and they usually leave a plate full of them here. They have too much sugar to eat many but they make a powerful breakfast. They also make my teeth hurt.

Yesterday we had about an inch of snow accumulate on the trees and grass. The good news is that at least here, the ground was too warm for it to accumulate on the driveway and sidewalks. It is kind of pretty in a perverse way. Reminds you of all the snow and cold all winter without causing you to need to get out the shovel. I just looked out the window to see what birds are here for a hand out. I saw the first House Finch I have seen this year. They have red feathers where the gold finches have yellow. I don't know if he is going to stay the summer or just passing through, I generally see them in numbers only for short periods a couple of times a year.

I won't bother you with fake tears over a Basketball team. I am proud to be a Kansan, a graduate of KU and a fan that loves to watch young men play roundball. 'Nuff said... In my world, more young men would stay all four years and graduate as well as play ball. The NBA isn't where most are going and a degree is a great stepping stone for the future.

I am not sure what is on my schedule for today, other than a trip to WalMart to get some dog food.



  1. MUD, those Peeps look like a diabetic coma waiting to happen!
    After last weeks 82 degree days, I knew Spring was here! Not so, been a high of 43 now for several days.
    Monday I cut the grass with it sleeting, a first for me! Winter just will not go away, but at least you didn't have to get out the snow shovel.

  2. Dang, MUD! Dave needs to share the recipe.


    Man, I thought about my #1 JayHawk fan when I heard last night that the unthinkable had happened.

    I grew up with two boys whose Daddy played at Kansas with Wilt...so, I've always been interested in KU roundball. Their Daddy is sick now...man, he was a great Pop, and messed with us kids...was about 6'4", and would play asphalt ball with us all until the cows came home.

    He went in to the Air Force, and got stationed here at Barksdale AFB in Bossier City. He has got Parkinson's now. I saw him a few years back, and, well...he's got Parkinson's.

    One of those boys is the corch at a Baptist University in Texas, and the other is the Superintendent of Schools at a VERY large ISD in Texas, too. Good boys...good men they are.

    Okay, so now I'm a Kansas fan, and VC sucks! Nyuk...

    Good on all of 'em! I'm with you...I hope they all play their hardest, but still graduate and make a decent, quiet life for themselves.