Gluten Free Cooking

Our 'Nother Daughter visiting from Texas has found that she has problems with the gluten in flour. When she is here, we cook with Gluten Free flour and as one of the cooks, I find it interesting. Most of the gluten free stuff is either potato starch or rice flour and no matter what you do, it stays so sticky that you can forget rolling out the biscuits and then getting them on the pan. Basically you have to use two spoons and plop them on the baking sheet. No matter how many times they tell you you don't have t0 grease the pan, spray it with Pam or be ready to chip them off. In most ways, I can't tell the difference except in the cost. It was really easy to make gravy with the gluten free flour. It thickened up just fine and tasted like what ever flavor other gravy would taste like.

Did you notice that when they leave the sugar out of something you have to pay more? I see that in a lot of things. I kind of understand that because of the volume, they probably don't mill rice into flour here in the volume they do wheat.

Well, the basketball teams will either play hard or go home pretty soon. 64, on day one, and by the end of day four they will be at 16. Any team that can win 6 in a row will be the National Champion. There is an unusually high parity in teams this year and there won't be a clear cut winner like in the dynasty of UCLA. Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, South Carolina (Roy Who?) and a few sleepers all could sneak in and steal a couple of games. I like the old saying that the race doesn't always go to the fastest, but that is generally the way to bet. But the Petty Corollary is do not bet it all on one horse.

Life here at Rabbit Run is pretty darned nice right now. We are battening down the hatches for a road trip in a couple of weeks. Other than someone to feed the dog we are getting in pretty good shape. I do need to buckle down and do the taxes but that is no tall step for a tall stepper with Turbo Tax.

Have a great day out there.


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