Spring has Sprung! Wait, it has been delayed in the heartland

For the past couple of weeks I have been finishing my Taxes and looking out the window at the pretty weather as the snow melted and almost 80 degree days came by. Now that the Taxes are done, it was rainy yesterday and cold today. The weatherman has even used that dreaded word SNOW! once or twice for this weekend and next seven days. Crap, Crap, triple Crap! Oh well, there is no shortage of things to do and Barb has ways of keeping me busy.

Have I mentioned a time or two that I love road trips? I can feel the wanderlust building for a road trip in a week or so. A couple of days with Barb in the car and we will have all the problems of the world solved. Well, at least discussed if not solved.

What do you do when you are retired and no longer have income to poke into a Roth or traditional IRA? Yes, I do understand that we are very fortunate to have money left over in retirement, especially after just paying taxes, but we do. I don't believe the hype about Gold, I will never buy any more stock, I have all the cars and Real estate I want. The banks just don't pay anything on savings accounts and my tolerance for risk isn't very high right now. I am just beginning to understand people burying money in a can in the back yard.

Oh well, the hawks are in the sweet 16 again and play tonight. Should be a great day. I will be wearing my Crimson and Blue all day.



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  2. I will probably keep the houses a year or two longer. Both need a new roof and one needs a bathroom renovation.