Two More weeks of Roundball?

The only good thing I can say about the Basketball season is that it is finally nearing completion just as the weather is getting great. I drug the 57 Chevy out of the garage and gave it a drive yesterday afternoon and I either need to do more or less of that.

Just as a lot of us thought, KU is going to the sweet 16 in San Antonio. That is a great city and had I not been there a lot of times, I might be tempted to jump in the car and go see a game there next weekend. There is so much to see there and the food is out of this world. A plate of Fajitas in the Mercado there just makes you forget all that talk about a fence separating us from Mexico. I think we need to get our act together and make it all one big America. There is the north part (Eh or as they say it A) there is the south part where they say Si or C so the USA could be the Be part as in Be all you can be. so it would be A, B and C America. I'll bet if I still drank Margaritas I would even be more in favor of a con-joinment. With the addition of resources and labor, things would have to just get sweeter and sweeter. All you would have to do is see one Fiesta here in Topeka and you would see that we all can have fun together.

I am right in the middle of finishing the taxes. With just a few things to complete and printing left, It won't take long. Yes, there is always the shudder part where I write that check to the Feds. I guess if you have it on hand, it isn't all that bad.