Sunny Daze!

I don't understand how the NFL Players Union can think there is more paper to be had than is available on line. What the teams have reported to the IRS and their Corporate annual postings should be enough to tell that everyone is getting fat on the backs of people watching a bunch of men playing games. Fail to bridge the differences will cause them to lose another fan. Ask Baseball if I am serious. I don't watch it...

It is going to be a sunny day and should be a fun day this morning as both KU and K-State play early today. With a win by both teams, they will meet tomorrow for the rubber match. Both teams have won one at home and nothing is clear about who is the best team in the league. There should be no doubt that both teams are playing about as good as could be expected after 30 games.

There is a serious problem with Basketball that needs to be fixed. Just because the game is about to end, the officials need to call every foul and violation. I don't want them to wait until some kid gets really hurt in the final second melee to start calling the game right to the end. I do understand that in some arenas there is no way anyone can watch the clock and the fouls and hear the buzzer. The fans are the cause of part of the problem. But, kids watching a close game can get excited.

The weather is so changing here in the Heartland that it is hard to tell what to wear and what to do. It started at 23 today and will be in the high 50's or low 60's later. Tomorrow it will be in the 70's and it may snow by Monday. At least if it snows, it won't stick long.

Oh well, have a great day out there.


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