For retired people, Monday is just another day. In the past, Monday was the day I went back to work to rest up from the weekend. A lot of weekends were spent at Drill in the National Guard and my in-box would be wrecked on Monday and just trying to get re-organized would take a significant part of the day. Then, late in my Career, someone found that Flex-Time would manage to give us 4, 10 hour days a week or a bunch of 9 hour days and have one day every two weeks. I would always try to make it the day after drill to rest up. In 1987, I commanded an Artillery Battalion trying to take an Army Training test (Called ARTEP) and I had only a hand full of days off the entire year. I used a remarkable amount of sick days that year as there were days i just could not drag it out of bed. Yes, I think I used 5 sick days that year other than the week I spent in the Hospital.

All weekend SONIC ran their hot dog commercials. By Sunday, I had to run to SONIC and try a couple (or 3). I forgot how raw onions give me heartburn. They also give me bad breath but the heartburn is the part I hate. For some reason, Pickled or cooked onions don't give me heartburn burn but raw ones seem to every time. I'm sure there is something that cooking stops and when eaten raw just doesn't like me. I didn't even try the chili dog as it was just over the top. That hamburger Red Robin had in their commercial was almost tempting enough but they are clear across town and SONIC is just a couple of miles away.

The wind shifted from the North to the South last evening and it is warmer this morning than it was all day yesterday. The sun was out and it seemed nice but temperature and wind chill made playing stick with TACO shorten up a bit. I call our sessions stick as he will fetch the stick but it is also a time for a lot of petting. I think sitting in the sun and petting the dog is therapeutic for both of us. At least when I go out he is standing by the gate in his fence with his stick in his mouth.

Oh well, busy week watching roundball this week. The brackets are filling up fast with the play-ins from teams we haven't heard from all year. Oh well, their mommas love them.



  1. Mondays are a good day to rest up from a busy week-end, even for us old geezers!
    Those commercials for food are killing me. I know that chow will clog up arteries, but they sure make it look good. Our SONIC is about a mile from the house, which makes it too tempting a few hours after supper! It's just too much trouble to get the chain off of my leg to go after one of them Dawgs!

  2. MUD, Monday is my only full day off from my paying gig. Actually, I'm off on Saturday, too...but rarely get to actually take off all day.

    Monday is IT for me. I worked about 6 hours on my own biz today, and finally got a chance to catch up on e-mails & blogs.

    Come next Monday, I will be just as far behind again...but for now, I can honestly say that Monday is my favorite day of the week.

    Not many folks can say that.

    Of course, that only holds true until September...then Mondays will suck, because it will be 5 days until Saturday.