Last Game of the Regular BIG XII Season

Today is the last game of the BIG XII Regular season and the tournament madness starts Wednesday. After such a crappy experience at the Sprint Center in KC, I am pretty sure that I can't get Barb to go to any games there. I love the name of the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament in St. Louis - ARCH MADNESS! I just can't get amped on watching many of those games when they will get one and possibly two teams into the big dance.

I think it is bad that Texas and Baylor play at the same time as Kansas and Missouri today. I would love to see if Baylor can convert their length to defense against length and bulk. Even a loss by Kansas and a win by Texas would still leave the conference in a tie. I don't see that happening but strange things happen.

The weather here in the heartland has been strange. It varies from 30 to 70 overnight and about when the snow is gone, it lays down a new layer. Right now it is 20 with a north wind and sunshine on bare ground. I'm sure that without the game this morning, Barb would have us in the car going somewhere south for a day or two. At least there is sunshine streaming in the south facing windows upstairs.

In the past, we have gone to the Home Show to see new and pretty things. This year there isn't much new, just a lot of the same old stuff and to top it off, it costs $7.00 to have them pitch things to us. Oh well, won't go next year.

Have a great day out there and catch some roundball action this next week. I will.


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