The weatherman totally missed that the rain would turn to snow and give us a white coat this morning. Pretty snow coat on the north side of the trees. It will also give us some good moisture for spring planting. The temperature is just above freezing and all the snow falling off the trees looks like another snow storm.

Our Guest from Austin will go home tonight and we sure have had a nice visit. It was nice that our daughter-in-law had time to come over a lot the weekend. There has been a lot of discussion here and some of it nice. No, it was all nice, just some of it held with passion. Nice to have someone other than Barb to talk with.

Most of the NCAA brackets were what I expected. The only exception was that K-State was elevated a position or two and Colorado that beat them three times wasn't invited to the Dance. Yes, I do know that several conferences got only their automatic bids into the tournament. One of the sports writers said in today's paper that just an invitation to the dance is what a lot of people hope for. I guess I have been spoiled by the JayHawks getting in and a fairly high expectation of being there in the end. The good news is that an early out just doesn't kill us.

Oh well, have a great day out there.


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