Just a few Things

I got a call from my Skin Doctor yesterday and I didn't hear what I expected. In my dreams, I thought he would say that the patch of skin he took a biopsy from was just a normal patch and everything was fine. It turns out that after a bunch of years outside in the Military and a few years on a mower, that patch of skin is Actinic Keratosos or Solar Keratosis and it need to be frozen off. Just for the record, Keratosis is pre-cancerous but this is the second place I have have to have removed and the one by my eye was cancerous. I guess that from now on I'll just have to wear a hat more and sunscreen. Oh well, I don't look better well tanned now that I have broached 60. For those of you with grandchildren that saw the candy sushi yesterday, it couldn't be much easier. First step is to make a pan of rice krispies. That's the hard part, stick of butter, marshmallows and rice krispies and a microwave and it is darned simple. Heat, mush and put in a pan. Read the box if you need a recepie. From there, it is your imagination and knowledge of sushi that guides you. The common way here is to cut up the peeps (you get to eat the head if you don't like them peeking out of your sushi) cut up the rice krispies and use fruit roll-ups like the seaweed wrappers. Heck, someone even got adventurous and dipped one of the peep sushi pieces in chocolate. I am pretty sure that you could even heat the little pieces in a microwave and swell the peeps up if you desired. We saved that step for the smores the day before. You probably could add chocolate pieces to the sushi if you wanted but they are pretty sweet with the peeps and fruit roll-ups. I wonder if this would be a good Lent exercise for the kids. They sure seem to have a good time doing it. This is the same crowd that loves a good marshmallow gun fight so be warned that spontaneous giggling may break out. Did you ever notice that things from a few years ago seem to get better and better and often exceed the goodness they really had? Yesterday I had to make a rush to KC and pick up some paperwork from a Lawyer. Right up the street is a Mexican restaurant named Don Chilitos. They are the home of the Texas Cahlupa and Texas Sancho. Both of those are big concoctions that have a wonderful cheese sauce on them. It did take me back about 30 years but not just quite the same. Oh well, what is the same from years past, I know I am not. More, but not the same. The good news from my trip to KC was that the macro lens for the Nikon was on sale and now Barb can take real close pictures of bugs and things. I am looking forward to seeing her talents and great camera products show up on Facebook. Barb just said that she has a hair appointment at 1:30, some Walk Kansas T-shirts to pick up and a book that needs to go to the library. Then she asked me what was on my agenda? Her agenda exceeds mine by three things. MUD


  1. I've had several of those things frozen off in years past. Just slather on the sunscreen and wear a big hat and it should slow them down a bit. MUD, it's just part of becoming a senior citizen, warts and all. Sorry about the Mexican eatery, seems nothing ever stays the same as we remember it. The sun is out and 47 degrees here on the ridge, good day for a trip to Walmart.

  2. I remember taking mother to the dematologist with what she was sure was malignant and he found a couple of places on me that had to be removed. Mom was very mad at him

  3. MUD, I spend so much time in the sun that by mid-July, I am blacker than Obama. But, I've got coonass, and Cherokee blood, so I naturally tan.

    Never had a sunburn in my life...turn red for a few hours, and then brown. But, I've got a couple of spots on the balding part of my head that started to worry me a couple of years back. Started wearing a cap, and using #30 sunblock on my rapidly balding head when I didn't have a hat handy.

    They went away, but it kinda' scared me...being that close to the brain and all.

    Best hopes that this junk is under control for you. Seriously.