Are You Sure?

In this world of instant data, can we really be sure of anything?   How can it be possible to sort out the real information in the windstorm of data thrown at us.  Just this morning there was a news story about a young black child shot and killed by the police.  He was carrying a pellet gun and they mistook it for a real gun.  First of all, what parent would let their child go out armed with a pellet gun, and second, how would you like to be the policeman that felt threatened by a pellet gun.  Are You Sure?

We hear a lot of people telling us about global warming and no one said much when Buffalo got hammered with more snow than they could use.   The Climate in Texas was on the side of drought and now it is flooding.  Is it climate change or just the normal ebb and flow of  the weather?   Are You Sure?

I read that we want to be able to trust our President above all others and yet the most popular Democrat has holes in her sails that are just unimaginable.   Clearly she is in the top 1% of the wealthy and the bottom 47% seem to rally to her side.  God only knows what is fact and fiction in her box full of e-mails and it was in a system that no one seems to be in control of. How do we know what is on her mind when she doesn't talk to the press, only presents what she wants to get out is dribs and drabs.  What percentage of the $500,000 per speech Bill gives goes to the Clinton Foundation and stays there?   Are You Sure?

With the historians rewriting our history before the ink is dry on today, how can we be sure that we will get the truth, the whole truth or any thing near the truth.  Are You Sure?

The other day one of the kids said they felt naked on our trip when they didn't have connectivity to Wikipedia.  That site is full of things that people posted there and I am not sure if there is anything like fact checking going on.  Wikipedia says that if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck it must be a duck.  C Dem Bd eyes?  R u Sure?  

People are upset that the Koch brothers are improperly influencing our elections.  We want free speech but not freedom of money?   Are You Sure?     How much money would it take to get you to vote a different way?   I am pretty set in my ways but I don't know about you?   Are You Sure?

This is the end of today's lesson.  I think.  I am pretty sure!



  1. There are only 2 sure statements that we can all agree on:

    1) The only sure thing is Death and Taxes

    2) The World is going to Hell in a handbasket.

  2. I will add them to today's post. great stuff Ray./