It's My Day to Watch It!

A few  moments ago, I asked out loud if my Doctors appointment is at 10 or 11.  The response I got from the Master gardener was, "It's not my day to watch it."   Yep, snarky  before 10 AM is sometimes the way we both have gotten as we  get deeper in this marriage thing.   I guess 47 years is a long time unless you count the time I have been called away for Military Duty.   It started with a year in Vietnam about 3 weeks after we were married.  The for another 20+ years I was called away for 2 weeks for Summer Camps.  The first year was no vacation but the 2 week phases were kina, sort'a.  In the long haul that makes it really more like 45 years but who's counting.

The thing that really worries me is that on at least two things today we agreed on what was in the paper.   The thing we didn't agree on was the discussion about an Op Ed piece that has stirred up a lot of controversy.  I didn't even read the article because it was about an Op Ed piece.  Kind of like the debate about the Koch brothers spending money in the election cycle.   If I can't be bought, what makes people think that I can be swayed by some rich guy spreading lies about how well the Kansas economy is doing.  All you have to do is to sit back and watch as the legislature scrambles in an extended session to figure out how to plug the 400 million dollar shortfall.  We do agree that the social experiment to lower the taxes on businesses was an all out failure.

A couple of years back, I asked the tough question - "What are we going to do when we realize that it takes a guy like Sadam Hussein to keep Iraq running at all."  That question was along with, "if in well over 200 years, no one has been able to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, what makes us think we can."  The only thing that kept us from tucking our tails between our tails like the Russians that was we announced that we were leaving and for the most part left.  Barb and I both agree that we were wrong to ever hit that Tar Baby in the first place.   

I am probably one of the strongest supporters of a strong Military.   How on God's Green earth can the people expect the USA to do well over sea's when we have a border that is almost unguarded to the south?   Open your eyes and read about the flow of drugs coming into our country from Mexico on the backs of the undocumented people coming here.   Yes, I have said that the real drug problem is here where the usage is so high.  I would make it a lot harder to bring them in if it were up to me. 

That is probably three things we agreed on.  We still thing that Government is wrong to redistribute money by taking it away from one sector and giving it to the other.  Barb thinks we give too much to the Rich here in Kansas.  I think that's just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the Feds that gave that much to Detroit and Philadelphia. If people don't like it there, they can move.  No one plants their feet in the ground and forces them to stay in a place that most dogs would run away from. 

We are nearing a time when for about 18 months, we will hear from a bunch of educated people tell us how we can fix out Government.  If I thought that any one of them could honestly fix all the things wrong, I would listen.  For the most part I will not let uber rich white people tell me how to fix the relationships between the classes and races.   Hope and Change didn't get it done but we'll probably elect a woman to bring us together.  Oh well....

I got my mower back yesterday.  A nut came off on the top of the mower deck and the pulley was just wobbled off.  I expected them to put on a new pulley and a new nut but they replaced the entire housing.  Then to add insult to injury, they wanted me to pay $186.00 for that privilege.   I told them that after only 4.2 hours of mowing, I expected Cub Cadet to pay for that repair.  They said they would submit it to them but I'll bet they want me to pay it somewhere down the road.   For some reason, I expect a $3,000 mower work longer than 4.2 hours without a major failure.  Just say'n.  If the repair record doesn't get better and stay that way, I will probably lake a loss at the end of this year and sell that sucker. 

Last night when I got the mower home I mowed for about 45 minutes and things went fairly well.  The bad news is that during the night it rained again and now instead of looking like it needs mowed, the yard looks half assed because I mowed around the edge and the middle looks bad.

My solution to all that is to go to the Doctor and talk about what I can do to get to feeling better.  There has to be something that gives me some relief from the arthritis pain without further thinning my blood.  Even two of the approved meds just doesn't cut the fever or the pain.   I apologize that I have been so whiney today, it just reflects my mood.   Gotta run.


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