Mother's Day Tribute

A few years back, my mother passed away and if there is a heaven, I'm sure she is there.  Whenever the world kicked me down, she was there to give me a hug and kind words.  I know that many of my friends felt that she was kind of like an earth mother and could hug your problems away.  Mom had been through the LPN training and she doctored so many of my friends back to good health. 

The last few years she was here in Topeka we spent a lot of time together telling stories and laughing.  I don't know how much she enjoyed that time, but I sure as heck did.  I know that she invited the Jehovah's Witnesses in and would pray with them that more people would find peace. 

Mom played the piano is the church for years.  I know that only her arthritis kept her from doing it longer.  She would go to church and pray for all of us.

Mom and my Father's Parents in Eldorado 1942 or 43.


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