Cool Clear Water

The sun is out here in the heartland but it is way on the cool side.  There is about a 20 MPH north wind blowing and if a guy wants to get out and try to mow, he would need a jacket.  That was put in there to remind me that I should need a jacket.  OR for short - DUH Dennis!

Well, looks like the Hawks are reloading again.  They signed a shooting guard to fill in the slot lost with the moving on of Kelley Obre and the injury to Brannen Greene.   They will need some scoring help as they play in the World Games this year in Korea.  Their hotshot SVI, is not from the USA so he is not eligible to play for the Jay Hawks.  Bummer.

I don't understand why Waco is allowing a restaurant to stay open if they attract gangs on the weekend.  Shut them down and move on smartly.   Next thing you'll be hearing that they need to call out the guard to quell the shootings.  Or, is it a good thing that 8 gang members killed each other?   Nah, the justice side of me is showing and I need to show a little mercy now and then.  I think that is an Ad Hominem attack as it attacks the people directly and doesn't give any credence to their abilities.  However, someone showed up with guns and that escalation was a bit much.  And I thought Waco was such a great place to visit.

This morning I was reminded that our friend Kendra who turns 12 today is what Barb calls a Graduation Baby.  She was born on the day when a lot of kids get to go out in this world and see if what they learned mounts to more than a hill of beans.  Kind of makes me wonder how my parents could go out in the world with a high school education and make it all work?  Kind of makes me wonder where are all the public schools that are training our children to make a living by learning a trade.  

Speaking of trades, there was a time when I could rebuild a generator or a starter on my car and do my own brakes.   Now, all I do is replace parts and I am fairly willing to pay someone to do that.  The idea that I could get under a car in the driveway to change the oil is just not in my wheel house anymore.  Makes me wonder why we have to pay a shop $80.00 an hour to swap parts.  They also buy the parts wholesale and make me pay retail when they put them on the car.  The final insult is that they make me pay a small percentage to restock their bench stock even if they don't use much more than a grease rag or two.  

Oh well, I had better get ready and escape this joint, the Master gardener is starting to ask questions about my agenda for the day.  


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