Gettin' Ready to Mow Some Mo'

Because I have so many vehicles with pneumatic tires, there is always one or two that need aired up before I can use that tool/vehicle.  My little pancake compressor that I bought three years ago at Harbor freight for $29.00 finally shot craps.    It would run and run and run but never get to the 100LB shut off point.  I replaced it over the weekend for the on sale next size larger for $39.00.  Yes, I am a cheapskate when it comes to tools.  The new one went right to 100 lbs. and shut off.  Now I just need to air up the portable tank and fill all the low tires. 

I finally got around to reading the Cub Cadet mower booklet today. Lots of neat stuff with words of warning against using it in any manner that goes fast or dangerous.  'Nuff said.  I did learn that there is a setting that overrides the blade shut off switch so you can actually mow in reverse if you need to.  I won't use that very often but I will keep it in mind.  So far I would have only used it once.

We had breakfast with our Son, his wife and in-Laws.  It was a great meal at Perkins.  I'll bet I gained 5 lbs. just reading the menu.   I used my old gauge for the amount I would/could eat and instead of the two egg omelet on the senior menu, I ordered the three egg one.  Next time.  I didn't even order the pancakes but I generally don't order them.   Black coffee and an omelet with some potatoes was more than I could eat. 

Somewhere on the trip back from the Farm Supply store where I purchased the mower, one of the loading ramps slipped loose and I now need to go to Harbor freight and get a set of those steel loading ramps that fold and I can put them in the trunk.   I won't take much of a ramp but it will take one.  Once I figure out where they need to be I will probably mark the frame for the exact location.  I really would hate to have the mower fall off the ramp while I am loading it.  Unless I can hire a kid to do it for me I have to do the unloading and loading.  At least I now know how to put the wheels in neutral so I can let it go down the ramp by itself. 

I guess I have managed to let it warm up enough to mow so I'll get on the stick, go get some ramps and a gas can full of gas for tomorrow.    Be safe out there, I will try too myself.



  1. I read your entry about purchasing a zero turn mower. My brother purchased a Cub Cadet Zero turn about 5 years ago.. His wife said he looked like Ironside (Raymond Burr) on his first trip around the property. It has served him well. It sounds like we have much in common. I have around 20 pieces of power equipment. Included are a Kioti DK 35 with a Woods Front end loader and a Woods Backhoe. Purchased new in 2006. Also a Ford 1520 Compact Diesel Tractor. Numerous attachments. I have had a great REO on both. When downsizing they should sell easily. I purchased a Gravely 5560 last year and rehabbed it Rebuilt a Rotary Tiller (had some custom machining done by a fellow Redleg from RVN). Have 2 brush hogs, rotary plow and 48" blade. And a whole lot of other stuff. Time to go out and put some of it to work.
    Hydraulics and horsepower are wonderful helpers.

  2. I have so many tools/toy that I had to build a storage shed. I have an Allis Agco diesel tractor that I hated until I finally figured out what was wrong with the starter. In fact it was the switch and using a work around all is good now. I bought a finish mower (Brush Hog with training wheels) and it has served its purpose. It isn't fir to get up around the house but out in the field it does a great job. MUD