Things to Live by

A Hero is not some one to emulate, but some one to adopt as the model of behavior.  Don't get out there and endanger yourself, stand above the crowd by your actions.

Spend more time working on who you are than playing hero worship of others.

Just because an actor plays a good role doesn't mean that you should pay any more attention to their opinions than your own. 

You can spend all your money buying lottery tickets and not win a thing.  Pretend you did and apply your money to your goals.   A fair goal worked hard is better than the best goal not worked at all. 

"Dream the impossible Dream" is a pretty song but shitty advice.  You can have dreams, but break them down into smaller chunks and see what you can achieve.  It might surprise you how much you can accomplish by working on the dream one goal at a time.

The difference between having a swelled head and being a swell guy is how hard you work at not having a swelled head. 

We all start out in different places in life.  It is not where you start, but where you finish.  The class you demonstrate getting to the end isn't a bad way to race. 

When was the last time you saw a Wells Fargo Truck in a funeral procession? 

I like to think about my parents now and then for all the good things they did for me.  I refuse to try to remember how things and times were tough, but for what I saw them do to live in spite of tough times.  

I for one, did not live for the money my parents would have when they died.  I did my best to see that they had what they needed right to the end. 

We will all own a plot of ground someday

When we were young, we put money in IRA's a 401Ks to keep from paying the Taxes on that money. Now the Government wants a bite of that apple.  Should I have expected less?  Duh!  You can pay them now or pay them later.  It is all up to you and the IRS code.

I know it seems like an impossible thing but I love my country but fear my Government.  The thing I fear is not that I create a lot of data for my Government to collect, but just what the heck they are going to do with that data.  There is probably some overworked Government employee trying to stay awake as he reads about all the dull and boring things I do.  I promise you that if I have trouble inputting the numbers off a refill card for my cell phone, I am no threat to national security.

I would spend more time with my friends, but who wants that many old people around all the time?  I am pretty sure that my wife keeps me around to help her look younger.

By the time I die, I sure as heck hope they have a quick way to help me end the suffering.  It is the suffering I worry about not the dying.

A short thought by my Brother-in-Law, Ray - There are only 2 sure statements that we can all agree on:

1) The only sure thing is Death and Taxes

2) The World is going to Hell in a hand basket.

In spite of all this gloom and doom, have a great day out there.  Go do something fun...


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