Dang New Mower Won't Mow Dirt

I guess I got a little behind in my mowing and I decided to try to mow one path with the new mower.  For some reason the blade dug in and it bent the blade down and sideways.   New mower and it took a new $30.00 blade.  The only problem is that only come in pairs so I had to spend $60.00 and have some wall art.  Oh well, it didn't break anything, just bent the blade.  You should hear the mower roar when one blade is turning with a big sideways blade.  Sounded like a P51 Mustang.

As you might guess, I think I am on the mend somewhat.  I do wish there was some liquid Aleve I could take for the aches and pains when I get done.  That is on the list of things I can't take right now.  Barb will allow me to do some things but she removed all the Aleve and Aspirin from my approved meds in the downstairs bathroom.  I guess I could sneak up and take one but for now, I will just hurt a little.  

My niece posted a saying on Facebook that was attributed to Buda.  He said something about how gently you love and hold is the quality of your life.  He went on to say you should let things go.  Perhaps that was OK in his time but starting out at the bottom I fought fiercely, held on tightly and dang sure didn't just let things go.  I have tried to live life at a dead run and with lots of perspiration.   I knew a lot of guys that smoked dope and did things the way Buda wanted.  Not me!

There is a lot of discussion about the law against burning the flag.  Let me start clearly that I hate that anyone would burn the flag I fought for, except for when they are worn out.  But, I have sadly come to realize that the courts are filled with cased dismissed because the free speech provision of our Bill of Rights allows people to burn the flag as a part of their Freedom of Speech.  That is one slippery slope I never want to have anyone start down.   I am just appalled that so many people are using the Political Correctness banner to silence people they don't want to hear.   

When I went upstairs to eat breakfast the Master Gardener mentioned that the paper this morning had a couple of articles about things people said and the up roar it has created.  One waitress wrote on the Governor's receipt that he should tip the schools.  The Ad Hominem attack on her went far beyond what she said an well into the area of getting personal.  Personally it was so minor that it wouldn't have even hit my radar.  The second article was about the sign a businessman in Lawrence put on the side of his truck as he closed his business there.  He blames all of the problems he had in business on the Marxist's in Lawrence and the poor class of people that live there.   Having tried to buy a property there, I assure you that they value the properties and few of the really poor can afford to live there. 

I reiterate that we need to be careful that in the effort to raise the standards of conversation we don't take away the fundamental rights to Free Speech.  I remind you all that Free Speech is an important part of our society and even if we don't like the message we need to protect it dearly.  When it is taken away, we will lose the one thing that people have fought and died for over and over.  If the people in Germany had been able to tell the Nazi Party they were wrong to go to war would things have been different.  When they started exterminating the mentally retarded and gypsies, had there been a outcry would they have gone on to the Jews?   If we take away the right of our people to say they disagree, would we then have to take up arms to change things?  With our well armed society, I would hate to think about an armed rebellion here in the land of the Free.

Oh well, enough of this, I have acres and acres to mow...



  1. A bent blade on a new mower sounds like a blade that was not tempered right at the blade factory. I think it must have been defective and should have been replaced free of charge by the mower seller. That might be something to check into to save $60. I have hit a lot of rocks and sticks while mowing and have yet to bend a blade after 30 years of mowing on the rock farm..

  2. Good ideas. I have already replaced the blade for now but I can always get another one for wall art.