I'm BBQ'd Out

Normally I try to stop at one of the BBQ places in KC when I can.  Friday night I had some ribs and onion rings for supper.  Barb said the rings were not green vegetables so they didn't count.  At noon on Saturday a couple of guys wanted to go to Gates and asked me to come along and show them where it was.  This time I had just the BBQ beef sandwich and fries.  To make it better I threw in some Cole slaw.  Much better...   I think it will be a while before I need to go eat BBQ.  Perhaps not today but anytime after that.

About a year ago we had a Popeye's Chicken open here in Topeka and it didn't last.  The food was great but the place was a pig sty and way below the standards.    Today I read that we have a new Crunchy Chicken that specializes with Cajun style chicken.  I will give it a try sometime this week and report back to Barb.  he said that if it doesn't kill me she might try it too.   I am always the point man on any new place to eat and Barb will bring the command group with her if I live to tell about it.  I can think of only a few places I recommended that we didn't try.  If they fail to meet my low expectations, few of them are in business long enough to make a mark on Topeka. 

Sometime this morning, I must have rubbed my nose wrong and woke up with a bloody nose.  The good news is that the Xerelto hasn't made my system so runny that I couldn't just apply pressure and have it stop very soon.  I am feeling better each day and after a long couple of days all I really felt was tired.  

Our Barbershop Chorus sang at the District Convention and were given a fairly low score.  I think the songs we sang were just too safe and our Leads needed to sing it better.  Normally one judge that gave us feedback is a terror on the Bass sections.  This time he said nothing about the Bass.  I think we did our job and if we had done Happy Together or Take my hand we could have done a better score.   Oh well, next year we'll be back and do better.  I will stay to see the Saturday night show next time.  The Friday night Prelims for the Quartets was OK but the best is always the Saturday night show. 

I have kind of made up my mind that I will branch out this next year and sing with another chorus along with the Barbershop Chorus.   There is a new trend developing that will combine men and women in the choruses.  I am going to see if there is a new one popping up here in the Heartland and give it a try.  Either that or the Topeka Chorus sounds like fun.

At our meeting on Friday, the Barbershop Harmony Foundation gave us a pitch to send in $ to their endowment fund.  It always makes me wonder how that money is used.  The KU endowment fund has millions of dollars in it and I wonder who benefits.   It is not like a basketball or football stadium that grows and you can see the benefit.   

Well sports fans,  I hope this weekend draft of the college players for the NFL wakes up a bunch of the kids to the fact they need to work darned hard on their free college education because darned few of them will be picked up to play in the Pros.  I know there are exceptions to any rule, (See Andrew Wiggins selection as Rookie of the Year) .  Being the best player on a team that won only 16 games this year has to hurt his feelings somewhat.  

Speaking of hurt feelings, did anyone else notice that the Los Angelis clippers knocked off San Antonio in the play offs last night?    Who would have thought that the best LA team would not be the Lakers.  Oh well, times change and the world moves on in making circles around the sun.


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