Friday, Ah Friday!

OK, I realize as an old retired dude, there is really nothing special about Friday.   We try to get all our shopping done today so we don't have to get out and about with the crowds over the weekend.  I do have to wake up a little early on Friday to get the trash cans out before the truck comes to pick it up.  This is not recycle day so I don't have to take the tractor out to take the bin to the street.  I can just throw the small cans in the trunk and drive out to the court.  Yep, such is the life of ORAG, the Old Retired Army Guy.   Or as he has come to be known MUD, short for Mean Uncle Denny. 

I guess it is about time to go seek out a new insurance man.  USAA didn't like the electrical box in the rental house after 15 years of carrying it on their roles.  The only reason they looked at it at all was the fact that I put a new roof on it this last year.  Their loss.  Hopefully my gain.   I have two houses, and four cars insured with them and I'll be glad to share my business and money with someone who appreciates me. 

Have I shared with you that there is one hassle about owning your home that none of the money programs mention.  Once you own your home, you have to pay the taxes and insurance out of your own checking account.  When you are making payments, you pay escrow each money and they pay the bills.  Once it is yours free of a mortgage, you pay an amount that is like renting your home from the county and the insurance companies.   Oh well, better than the whole nut including the payment on a note as well. 

I have been seeing an ad on TV that asks the question, can you live on your retirement money when you do retire?   I will say that it is different when you start out but once all the retirement money really arrives and you adjust your lifestyle it can be done.  I guess when you get as dull and boring as we are you too can live cheaply.   I will admit that there is one hole in our budget that I just can't seem to plug.  I cannot get out of Sam's club for less than $100.00.   That's true even when we stop in just to walk around.  Just seems like their bargains, that come in jumbo size, just drag the budget through the dirt.   Oh well, everyone has to have some kind of weakness.  

Officially we are on the rainy side of spring here in the Heartland and even Texas is out of the drought.  Now if California can figure out how to wring some moisture out of all this we can all be on the good side.  Right now the flow of moisture up from the gulf is being blocked by a high to the north and west of here and it is just leaking all over us.  I really don't mind so much so long as the strong storms don't form right over Kansas.  So far they have been over Oklahoma and Texas. 

Have I mentioned that due to the loss of a Baritone or two I may have to swing back out of the Bass section and into a slot as a baritone?  I love the good bass sounds but they aren't having any problem recruiting new people for the Bass sections.  When everyone shows up for practice, they can have as many as seven.  Right now there is only one or two Baritones that show up regularly.   We could have four if we could get Mike back in the fold.  OH well, can't have everything and sound good too.

I am still experimenting with different coffees.  I have decided to go upstairs and throw away the Gevalia I purchased.  It is so burnt in flavor that I either have flavored water or plain mud in a cup.  Oh well,  life is hard then you die. 


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