I Do Not Suffer Fools Gladly

There are some days I should not go on Facebook and read some of the crap posted there.  On of my friends posted that she doesn't care if people just walk away, she doesn't want to have them mutter things about her.  She posts some of the most stupid things on Facebook and I have for years just shook my head and was glad she isn't my wife.  She takes in old dogs and then complains about finding dog pee on the floor.  You get what you get.

Another friend posted a piece about tipping.  A waitress said that because she has a college degree, she was somehow entitled to tips.  I reminded her that tips are for service rendered.  I am probably one of the best tippers in Topeka but I also will say something if the service is poor or less than I expected.  Just this week, I told a waitress that I appreciated that she looked me in the face and talked loud enough that I could hear her.  She told me that she (like me) is partially deaf and doesn't really hear how loud she talks.   That is the waitress I would give all the old folks to.  She got a nice tip along with my thanks.

Whatever you do in life, find something you enjoy.  It will seem a lot less like work if you know that the job description told you to bring a shovel.  I took a job one time that the previous boss had been a control freak.  He had every piece of paper go across his desk.  I stayed late and took work home each night and the next morning the mail brought me another foot of paper.  I finally had a staff meeting with the heads of each section.  I asked them just how much it helped or hurt the job for me to see every piece of paper?  They said that anything that was really their job to do should just come to them.   I set a policy that if it is a normal action and all they were doing was approving what the regulation said they should do, I didn't want to see the paper.  When it was a close call or just not in the regulation, it needed to come to me to say no.  I reduced a foot of paper a day to just inches and had time to do some of the evaluations that were long overdue.   I also had time to spend a little time with one bunch of guys that were nearly out of control.  A couple of 15-6 investigations brought a lot of the crap to a slow crawl.  

By this afternoon, it is my hope that the grass might be dry enough to mow.  I just hate to leave ruts in the yard just so it will look good.  (or at least mowed)   What I really should do is wait a couple more days and spend the day reading and then grilling dinner for Dave and his wife Barbara.  I found a couple of pork T-Bones steaks that just look yummy.  With the real thing about 4 times more pricey, we will probably eat pork more often.   Did I tell you that I love bacon?  I love the smell of a kitchen that has just cooked it, I love the taste and there is just little that I don't love about bacon.  I have found that the sweet slices of bacon aren't as good as the hickory smoked kind but it is all good.

Oh well, better get the show on the road.  Another cloudy day here in the heartland but it doesn't seem to have any rain dripping out of the clouds. 


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