Still Needin' a Jacket

Strange weather here in the Heartland.  The papers are full of swimsuit ads and I will promise you that unless you can swim in a sweat suit no one will be at the beach much today.  I think the high is predicted to get into the very low 60's.  That means the overnight low was in the 40's.  The only good thing is you can hear the grass and vegetables growing the garden.   Barb has the trickle water system all set but she has had to go out and pour water out of the plants on the deck .  About every three days we have had at least an inch of rain.

While I am writing this, I am listening to some learning CD's for the Baritone part.  It is kind of distracting that I am also trying to sing along.  I at one time I was able to multitask well but now I have to concentrate to stay on task. 

I had a Doctor's appointment yesterday and he was quite forward about my condition and the possible treatment.  I want to get off the Xerelto as soon as possible so I can get back to the Aleve for the arthritis pain.  He said that the conventional wisdom is that I need to do everything to keep from having a repeat episode of the blood clots for at least a year.  He said that a repeat episode within a year is often a lot more severe.  He went to say even fatal results have been a lot more prevalent.  OK Doc, you had me at a year's worth.   Dang, I hate it when that happens.   He did give me a prescription for a medicine somewhere between aspirin and the Ascription with Codeine.  I will try it and see.

There is a 55-56-57 Chevy Facebook group I read often.  One guy said he has a 55 Chevy that he will sell for $26,000.  A few weeks back I asked what the group thought my 57 was worth.  The consensus was $25,000.  I asked the group why the 55's seem to bring as much for a sedan as the 57 2dt hardtop brings.  You would have thought that I had called the guy a bad name.  I guess it is true that every car is worth what someone will pay for it.  With our investment dollars not returning much in the market, any investment is a good one.  The weekend talk radio financial advisor thinks that the stock market is a good place to invest.  He will say out of one side of his mouth to buy low and sell high yet he wants me to spend my money now that the market is at almost an all time high. 

This morning the paper arrived in the proper place and it was chock full of Memorial day Ads.  Barb and I agree that we really don't need anything.  Well, nothing but a few staples and toilet paper.  I really hate to shop for toilet paper.  I can't remember what brand we really like.  I buy what looks good to me and I'll bet I wind up with some single ply sandpaper more often than not.  Even our Daughter-in-law commented to the wife about our low quality toilet paper. 

I will try to get the wife out some today and see if we can find a bread maker that will make her happy.  The one she picked up for $5 at a garage sale has finally stopped doing what it should and I really like her home made bread.  She makes a loaf with sunflower seeds that is about the best.  What kind of bread do you like?  I traveled in Germany and really like a bread that is crusty and has a lot of body.   What I really love is almost not found here in America.  There is a breakfast roll that is so crusty on the outside and yet nice inside.  It is just right for a little cheese or any of the meats they serve for a continental breakfast. 

I think that I have finally found a coffee at PT's coffee that I like.  It is fairly full bodied without that burnt after taste.  I could mask that with cream and sugar but I like good black coffee. I will talk to the local Dillon's store and see if they can bring it to the closest store.  The only place it is available is clear across town.  I know that the expansion of the local Dillon's was made to sell booze but I don't think the Legislature is ready to let the Grocery stores sell booze yet.  No real skin off my nose but it does seem that in another area Kansas is behind the rest of the States. 

Better go see what trouble I can get into.  When you are as dull and boring as I am you have to look for trouble.  Most of the time you couldn't raise hell her at Rabbit Run with a case of whisky and a crew of Artillerymen. 


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