Goin' To Kansas City

The Central States District of the Barbershop Society is having their convention/contest in Kansas City this weekend.  I am going in early to attend a meeting on Friday and then sing early on Saturday.   Some of the guys are going to drive over early tomorrow but I prefer to not have to make that early drive to sing.   We have picked out a couple of Golden Oldies for our first contest in many years.   This is a challenge to see how well we can do, not to beat anyone else. 

I run into a lot of guys out there and hope to help our chorus gain new members this year.  I am fairly close to the new President of our Chorus and he and I have a lot of ideas to breathe new life into what we do.   I am afraid that a lot of people are somewhat turned off by the Barbershop Label.  We had an active and thriving Jazz concert show here in Topeka but the people that came started to get too old to come.   I'm afraid that we are facing a lot of that in Barbershop.  If we listen to the traditionalists, music must be written by Stephen Foster at least 100 years ago.  The kids today want to at least bring in the Rock and Roll sounds.  We do a mean Barbara Ann and for our convert this year we included Wise Men Go and Annie's Song and old John Denver song.   I personally love the music of Pentatonix and would love to include some of the Beat Box sounds and the striking bass tones they make.   It will be interesting to see if I get invited to =get the heck out of the meeting in Kansas City for being too progressive.   We'll see.

As I have not been feeling too well lately, I let the grass get a little long and man does the mowing job I did yesterday look sorry.   I guess I'll need to re-mow it a little early the next time.  The problem with that is the fact that we are predicted to have rain showers on and off most of the early part of next week.    I also am going to see it there is one of those Zero Steer mowers out there that does a 48inch or wider swath.   I will use it at the Rental houses so I will deduct a good share of the cost.

The weather here is in the mid 70's with cool mornings.  I hope Barb can get her plants in the garden in good shape.  I helped her get the drip irrigation working yesterday and that is a good start.  I think it is about time to order a whole new system next year.  We get to put new drippers where the plants are and put plugs in the hose where they were last year. After a couple of years, the hoses are looking pretty poked and plugged. 

Better get moving, I hear the microwave beeping so breakfast must be nearing being ready.   Have a great week out there.


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