Mowin' in Circles

Yesterday I went to a farm supply place to look at their mowers.  I really had my heart set of the 70 inch wide mower with the rugged heavy duty deck.  After looking at things in the clear light of day, I realized that my trailer would only accept a 54 inch deck model.  So if I was going to spend an extra $1500 for the larger mower, I would then have to spend another grand on a trailer I could use.  Easy decision for a cheap skate like me.  I bought the smaller mower that also had a reinforced steel deck not one of those stamped deck.  It is one of those zero turn models and it is a little like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time.  I'm pretty sure I can get used to it but there are a few wavy line out there where I started.  I do like the fact that I can stop and go in a different direction real quick.  I was forced to make big round turns with my other mower.  

This morning I made an omelets for Barb and me.  I started with some asparagus and ham and then covered the omelet with cheese.  I am reminded of the words of a Foreign exchange student that said, "You Americans put Cheese on everything."  The other day I read that while we make more cheese than anyone else, the French eat more per person than any other country.  I know, that's more than you really wanted to know...

For the many days in a row, it rained again yesterday evening.  We had dark clouds all day but it must have gotten all together late.  The good news is that so far we haven't had really strong winds.  The rains have been hard at times but right here they have been pretty gentle. (Knock on wood)  I can see that the zero turn mower will chew up the ground if you use the brake real hard on one wheel.   I also found out that the mower blade will disengage if you pull both levers back at the same time.  OK, enough of sneaking the bragging about the new mower.

This morning there was a post on Facebook from a member of the 55-56-57 Chevy Group I belong to.  He asked where are all the old cars that came to the car shows a few years back?   Most of us have gotten older and just don't want to sit around in some park while hundreds of people walk by our cars.  Perhaps if I was still member of a club and knew several people I might but for now the car just sits in the garage except when I want to take it out for a short spin.

For those of you that haven't read all the back posts, I have had a pretty rough spring.  It started with that a bronchitis that lapsed over into a whooping cough illness and almost destroyed the month of February.  Mid March, I started to run a fever again and went to the Doctor.  He gave me a 10 day antibiotic set of meds and it just screwed up my digestive system.  On Easter, I went out to load up my son's mower to take it to his house and I couldn't even pick up the tongue of the trailer.  I had to have help and when I finally got home, my blood pressure was off the chart and my pulse was 104.  The only good news was that I had an appointment the next morning at the Doctor.  He sent me to the Hospital and they did a stress test and an MRI.  A week later I was let out of the Hospital when the found I had Pulmonary Embolisms (Blood Clots) in my lungs.  They weren't massive but they were numerous.  I am now on Xerelto to thin my blood and to see if they can prevent more clots from forming.  I did take a fairly long car trip three days in March and that could have been the cause of the clots.  Who knows.  I am slowly working back up to my normal strength.  The real bad news is that I really don't feel like exercising and the Doctor told me to not ride my bike for a while. 

 I have a niece Jennifer that said all of he children had paws.  I told her that I have Grand Kitties so we're even.  She is a rower and an Captain on the KC Fire Department so she didn't have time to have children, I guess.

Oh well, better get ready to go to the store.  There are a few things I need to pick up for the dinner today.   Going to grill some steaks.


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