Sunday Mornings

There was really little in the paper that grabbed me today and the Master Gardener was busy reading the paper so we didn't have one of our rousing discussions.   I did read an article about bears in Yellowstone that was interesting but one point it should have made was barely (Get it?) mentioned.  When we were in Yellowstone, anytime there was an animal near the road, the cars would jam up and make large car lots out of the road.  One time our bus stopped right in the middle of the road and there were buffalo all around the bus.  I for one would not get off the bus but many of the less smart people got right out there amongst the wildlife.  If a 150 lb. black bear can hurt you, why do people think a 1000 lb. buffalo won't.  

Probably one of the most interesting parts of our trip was the elk at our hotel.  Each evening the elk would come into the nice grassy area around the hotel to munch on what had to be the greenest and most tasty part of the park.  There were Park Rangers out there to keep the people away from the elk, especially the mother elk with young one's.   The were pretty large animals and I'll bet those sharp hooves  could slash you up pretty bad.  Telephoto lens. 

The other day I went upstairs and Barbara was out on the south deck with her camera.  She had opened the window and climbed through to catch a deer that was just strolling down the hill.  The wildlife here at Rabbit Run is not afraid of us much anymore.  Yesterday I went out to put a couple of suet blocks in the feeder down by the back door and a pair of young squirrels just sat there and looked at me.   Talk about bold.  I guess with Barb home all the time the wildlife doesn't fear Bowana the great hunter.  Even if I can get spell checker to find a spelling close enough to publish.

The new mower is a 46 inch deck on a zero turn mower.  I guess I got lucky that it isn't any wider as my trailer is only 48 inches wide.  I now have officially have 4.5 hours on it and I think it burns about a gallon an hour.  According to the tag it is a fairly low consumption mower as it rates a 2 on a scale of 5.   Oh well, it cuts the grass well and is a blast to drive.  I will have to wait a day or two to get it back out again as the ground just isn't up to a zero turn in the wet grass.  I don't even want to think about getting the big tractor and mower out.  The lugs on the tractor ties makes the ground into corduroy when the ground is just damp not soggy. 

Oh well, enough of this, moving on to bigger and better things.  Can't dance, and it's too wet to plow.


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