Saturday Morning Musings

This morning, after breakfast, the Master Gardener and I had a discussion about some items in the paper.   Seems like the legislature is again worrying about small things and not focusing on the fact they will be 3 or 4 hundred million short in revenue next year.  They spent time trying to decide if strong beer could be sold in Grocery stores and Quick Shops.  I can't imagine the reactions of the drunks if they can start to really get hammered from the beer at the convenience stores.  The stores get robbed and people shot there enough without the additional alcohol.  (Can you tell I have stopped drinking? - You can spot the holy rollers from a couple of hundred yards) 

The next article we discussed was the move by the Kansas Legislature to remove the Lesser Prairie Chicken from the endangered species list.  The argument that their being on the list can endanger the Military and Energy Production.  Those sneaky Prairie Chickens must sneak up and ambush those soldiers at Fort Riley.   To tell the truth, in all the hundreds of times I trained at Fort Riley, I don't recall ever seeing a Prairie Chicken.   I am pretty sure they don't like soldiers anymore than the soldiers like them.  Throw in a Howitzer or two and I'm pretty sure they are far, far away.  I did see the Prairie Chickens on the other side of Manhattan at the Konza Prairie.

Back to the legislature.  They saw that a .03% raise in the sales tax would fix their problem for next year. They nixed the idea.  I guess that is just too hard to understand.  Either they have to cut spending or raise taxes.  DUH!

The other day there was a long discussion about the term Political Correctness.  In the method of PC, there are a lot of people out there that want to cut the discussion of what the real problems are.   No one wants to discuss that the cities are for the most part falling apart and most of them have leadership from the Democratic Party.  In spite of how much money is thrown at the cities, they remain the hot bed for riots and unhappy people.  Hint - If you don't like what you got, stop doing what you did.   Second hint -  If you don't get up and go vote, you will continue to have the same old kind of people in charge of your Government.   Hint 3 - If you think that looting a 7-11 will solve your problems, where are you going to buy your beer when they don't reopen? 

From my perch on top of the mountain, the real way to save the cities is to give tax incentives to businesses that will move to provide jobs to the people out of work.  Not to Mexico idiots, the cities like Detroit and Baltimore.  Think about how happy you were when you got a good job and made a wage that you could live on.  Welfare doesn't fix problems, it only feeds the people with problems.  How about all those homes out there in the rest of the USA that the Government has repossessed.  Is there a way to teach people in the cities how to fix them up and get them to live in them?  Baltimore has 16,000 vacant homes and that number is going up by about 3% per year.  Is that a problem we can talk about or will the PC police shut me down....


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