Can You?

Every time I think I need another toy to round out my collection of tools, I am reminded that I should start throwing things away when I replace them.  I have a compressor that fails to operate properly.  I saw that Harbor Freight has the next larger size compressor on sale for $39.00 and If I but a new one the old one needs to go away.   I have at least three or four items that I bought to finish a job and have never used it again.  This throw away rule should apply especially to tools that have frayed cords or one's that the insulation has started to come apart. 

The other day I also started to fix one thing and spent more time hunting for and then fixing the tool than the job would have taken.  When the maintenance schedule becomes longer than the work schedule, you clearly have too many tools.  Keeping air in tires is a major item here where the locust trees shed needle like spears that love to poke holes in tires.  When a tire gets so bad that I can't make it a couple of rounds while mowing, I generally have to fix it.  That is why a new compressor is important.  

The one problem that I also have is that I have buckets for different tools but if you mix them up and don't sort them now and then, they just are way hard to find.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.   Better get busy and go sort a bucket or two.


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