It's Been Rainin'

We haven't hit the 100% soggy level yet but we are getting there.  It seems that almost every day a good rain has blown through here for a week now.  Watching the Professional Prevaricator's of Prognostication (Weather men and women)  it is to continue through Sunday.  They had the first day with no clouds showing on as Monday but even then they have been known to be wrong that far out.  We'll see...

The other day one of my ex Military Friends used the term BOGSAT and I saw several blank faces from the other guys at a meeting.  That is short for a bunch of guys sitting around and talking.  That is an informal group that could belong to any "Spit and Whittle" club sitting around the square in any small town swapping farm stories.  Clearly it is to impart that there is no formal reason for the meeting, just a casual conversation.  It is what a meeting with no agenda becomes when the main items on the agenda get covered. 

Many years ago I attended a course in North Little Rock, AR at the National Guard Training Center.  We spent a week learning the best ways to hold meetings and to control them.  Publishing an agenda for a meeting is the best way to at least aim the meeting towards a good outcome.  It is not a guarantee if there is no one in charge of the meeting.  If I go to a meeting where there is no agenda, I do my best to try to establish one as early as I can.  Not always the best thing I do but better than spending an hour and wondering what the hell was I there for.   I have a saying about meetings - "The mind can absorb only what the butt can endure." 

Speaking of that, I went to a meeting in Kansas City that was right after lunch.  Doesn't everyone know that most people can only go about an hour without a bathroom break after eating?   Clearly they didn't.  They also had an agenda but it was very hard to follow and they wasted a lot more time than they would have spent on a "Potty Halt."    You can go an hour and a half after that but not 2 hours straight through.   I just went out to go at about an hour and when they returned they were still on the budget.  It could have been done with a hand out and moved on smartly.  No one understands the relationship between a budget and reality anyway.   These guys mixed interest income from an endowment fund with income on their statement.  If the interest rolls back into the endowment, it is not income to the main group.  I know, your brains went dead on that one too.

A while back I listened to a helicopter Pilot talk about all the warning lights on the dash of a helicopter.  I told him that I had a Bladder warning light and it goes off and goes "Pee, Pee, Pee" when I need to go.   As you get older, that light sneaks up on you and believe you me, when it goes off, you had better have the facility located.   It probably comes from living out here in the woods where the facilities are "where you are." 

Oh well, better get this show on the road.   I should escape the house before the wife thinks of some things for me to do.  Yes, I asked but she let me off with out assigning me a task.  Lucky Me.


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