New face in the Family

We are honored to have a new member of the extended family.  Warren Shipley Stroh was born yesterday in Denver and his picture was posted to Facebook.  I guess that makes it official.  My uncle Warren Petty was a great man and the new child is named in his honor.  I know that Warren Petty treated his grandson Tyler better than a son and the choice of a name should come as no surprise.  A new era in Tyler and Stephanie's life is opening and I hope to get to meet the little guy sometime this year. 

My wife work up early today and she has all kinds of interesting ideas to get our court case back on track.   First of all she wants to get a T-Shirt made with the court case number made.  Then she wants to go sit in the court room in Oklahoma and Knit.  I told he that if she got arrested or thrown in jail for contempt of court it would take her lawyers two years to get her out.  She said she could go sleep in the Wal*Mart parking lot but I reminded her that the nearest Wal*Mart is in the next county over and she doesn't really need or want to go to jail there.    She assured me that there is at least one relative near there.  I don't remember his first name but his last name is Grisso.

I on the other hand woke up slowly, and only after finishing my first cup of coffee can I really face the day.  I have the second cup here ready and cooling down a little.  I hope it doesn't past the nice stage to cold before I remember to drink it.  Nah, still good.    I bought a bag of Gevalia coffee yesterday and it is a lot stronger than I like.  The pot I made this AM needed to be thinned down by about a 1/3.  It is a fine grind and much darker than I really like.  At the old amount in the pot it is just too strong. 

Yesterday at a noon brown bag luncheon, one of the guys said I should have a cup of coffee.  I told him that no caffeine after noon for me.  I told them the story about caffeine and me and many of the older guys agreed that they too just can't drink it late in the day.   One guy said he can drink coffee right up to bed time and sleep like a baby.  (What do you want to bet his wife has him of decaf?)  

At lunch yesterday, I stopped by a Subway sandwich shop and bought a foot long Italian sandwich and when I got ready to eat I realized that the old days of being able to eat a foot long sandwich are long gone.  One of my friends said that someone stole his sandwich out of the fridge there at the museum.   I gladly shared mine with him and we were both happy.  There is a cleaning crew from TARC which gives jobs to the disabled and I'm sure that one of them cleaned out the fridge and ate his sandwich. 

When my mother was alive, my mother told me that her father and father-in-law were both in the 35th Division in WWI.   The 35th Division has joined the Kansas National Guard in being a part of the museum at Forbes Field here in Topeka.  I looked for a book that had a roster of the Division troops in WWI and all I found was the rosters of the Division prior to Mobilization when the Division troops came from Missouri and Kansas.  I am pretty sure that neither one of them were Guardsmen and mobilized but went to the Division as replacements.  Mom's father was at one time the 35th Division Heavy Weight Boxing Champion but I could not find a peep in the library about either one.  I suspect my Dad's father enlisted using a false name.  He had been discharged from the Army earlier because of an accident to his foot and went in under his birth name of Ennis Earl Petty.  The boys in that family always went buy their middle name and I suspect I will find him listed as Earl E. Petty when and if I find him on the WWI roles.   I do have a picture of Earl cutting another soldier's hair when they were mobilized prior to deployment over sea's.  

Last year, the VA Doctor I had, left the VA and they were having trouble locating another doctor to see his patients.    I suggested that I would bring my records of the physical from my normal Doctor in and I didn't need to see a doctor at that time.  This year I got a nasty letter from the VA suggesting that if I didn't need their services I could just go away.  With the current round of illnesses I don't want to let my contact with the VA lapse. At least one of my fellow Vets said that my exposure to Agent Orange could well be the cause of the Pulmonary Embolisms and at least one of his friends just passed away from cancer caused by his exposure to Agent Orange.   They do say that the Agent Orange chemicals are stored in the fat and the Illness I had in February did cause me to lose a lot of weight so some of those chemicals could have been let lose in my body.  We'll see.  So far I haven't read that the VA is willing to even discuss let alone diagnose any illness related to Agent Orange.  I do understand there are a world of things out there that can cause problems.

Oh well, so far I have again escaped the clutches of getting tasked for a full day of activities.  I do have a few ideas and perhaps a nap might get me to forget them.


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