Yes, boys and girls, it rained again yesterday.  Seems like it has been a year where we have had a rain of about an inch every three days for as long as I can remember.  The Master Gardener thinks it is OK but she doesn't have to mow much.   If the sun stays out today, you will be able to hear the grass grow.  There is a wheat field not far from here that is already headed out and looking so green that if the sun comes out, it will grow a foot.  I sure hope the farmers got their fields planted early.  If not, it will be another month before they can get a tractor in there. 

When I went to my son's house, I got his mower out of the shed and it mows poorly.  I guess I need to bring it home and see what's wrong.  I suspect there is a bad bearing in one of the towers that holds the blade on.  At least when it would slow down, something would howl.  I hope I get it figured out before the housing gets torn up.  A $10.00 bearing is a lot better than a $100.00 housing. 

The other day I saw that a pin had fallen out of the mechanism that picks up the finish mower for the big tractor.  I picked up a pin at Tractor Supply and found that it must just be a couple of hundredths from fitting.  Not sure what angle of attack to fix that one.  I put a temporary fix on it for now but I'm sure that anyone that see's the bolt I put in will laugh.

I have a cousin in Colorado that has to have the cutest pair of grandchildren.  We are getting pictures on Facebook and their smiles just are so cute.  The little boy is named Warren after his grandfather and June Bug is just that cute.  Perhaps one of these days I'll share a picture or two with you.

For some strange reason I have been thinking about my Mother and Father a lot this week.  Some of that is because I have been by the cemetery a couple of times in my travels across town this week.  I guess it is about time I paid them a visit.  Last time I bought some flowers and someone else had taken care of their grave.  Yes, I said Grave because they are in a double stacked grave.  Mom got the top bunk just like she wanted.  

This weekend there has been a lot of stories about WWII.  I am a fan of westerns and war movies.  Most of the WWII veterans are in or near their 90's now and we are soon to be without their presence. One of the movies we watched in a leadership conference was 12 O'clock High.   Our job was to find a way to pop some popcorn and set the place up all in one day.  We then wrote a critique of the leadership styles and how some of it worked and some of it failed.  I watched it again yesterday and this time I just enjoyed the movie.  

Better go see what kind of a breakfast I can wrangle up.  I am sure there is a couple packages of bacon.   Did I ever tell you how much I love bacon?  


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