Thursday Already?

This morning we woke up to a dark overcast sky.  Just what we need, more rain.  It is on the side of soggy doggie out there.  Things are growing like weeds, and they are too.  I went over to the rental houses and mowed there and what used to take me about three hours I finished in just a little over an hour.  The zero radius turn mower is the bomb.  It also mows really well with a new blade.

I spent about an hour working on the loading ramp for the mower. When I finished I realized that they are way too long when I have the trailer hooked up on the truck.  I did manage to back that critter up the ramp after lots of practice going forward.   At the place where I bought it, one of the guys in the shop put it on the trailer.  Thank God!

One of my cousins had his wife pass yesterday.  Paul Allen and Sarah Jane were the nicest people.  I'm sure he will be lost without her for a while.   I would be.   Early in their professional career, they went to Germany so Paul could teach school there in the Military School system.  Soon after they arrived they found out that being a nurse was a skill in short supply and she went to work in the Military Hospital.  They got two for the price of one.   They traveled all over Europe on their days off and I at the time was very envious.   Oh well memories...

As the baby Boomers reach well into their late 60's, many of us are losing our parents.  That is the normal order that the parents go first.   In a few cases, the order got reversed and so far we have only one parent still with us.  Barb's dad is well into his 90's and seems to be slowing slightly but who isn't.   In winter's past, I took a little longer getting back into shape each year.  This year I am not sure that I can achieve good health by the end of summer.  Going to have to work on that.

I did get good news yesterday.  The needle biopsy that they took the last time was not cancerous.  It was benign.  That means I will get to keep both sides of my Thyroid gland.   Now to work on keeping the weight off that I lost.   I think I am pretty much at the weight I feel is best for my size.  Mid 240s and 6'3" is pretty good.   Perhaps a little lower wouldn't hurt.  I did notice that my face is filling back out a little.  I was getting pretty haggard looking.

One thing I really miss with taking Xerelto is the Aleve I was taking for my Arthritis.   They have me on Acetaminophen and I can't even tell that it is doing anything.  My body is working hard to remove the blood clots that traveled to my lungs and I have been running a mild fever.  It wouldn't be bad but even a one degree fever gives me a headache.  After a couple of hours on the mower, I am also kind of stiff and sore.  I do need to get out today and walk for a half hour or so.  Build up slowly and get better each day isn't a bad goal. 

For some reason one of the Movie Channels had a day of war movies the other day.  One movie was about the Marines and their landing on Guadal canal.   It caused me to think about our landing n Vietnam.  We were taken off the ship and did not have time to get out weapons out of the Connex Containers.   We rode in a convoy for about four hours and I hated every minute of it. After that, I was never more than a few feet away from my rifle for the rest of my time in Vietnam.

Oh well, better put on my hard soled shoes and get moving.  Speaking of such, I bought a really cheap pair of tenny runners at Wal*Mart and hate them.    In shoes I find that you get what you pay for.  Buy cheap shoes and you get cheap shoes.


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