Proud Day in Texas

It was reported that a Police  Officer armed with his service Pistol shot and killed two men as they attempted to enter the Venue where there was a contest to draw cartoon pictures of Mohammed.  These guys were wearing body armor and carrying AK-47's.   I sure hope someone treats that Police Department to a Hog Roast in his honor.   He also helped those guys go meet Allah to complete their journey.   "Win - Win. "

There was a story in Facebook today about a Helicopter Pilot that flew into a hot landing zone to evacuate 29 wounded soldiers in several trips.  The only thing we could do is award him the Medal of Honor.  His passing at the age of 70 will probably go almost unnoticed in the press and we will continue to see stupid stories about the evil things people have and continue to do. 

This morning there was an editorial in the paper and neither Barbara or I wrote it.   It was pointing out that the State of Kansas has been getting a lot of bad press and in most cases the good things about Kansas are not mentioned.  We live in a State that has four true seasons.  Most of us don't spend enough time enjoying the one we are in.  We spend hours saying wait until "_______" (Insert the next season here) .   I for one am going to do my best to enjoy what I have right now.

My mother was a darned smart lady.  On the back of her bathroom door there was a poster that said.  Happiness is not getting what you want but wanting what you have.  I am not sure who gave it to her but they must have shared those same  smart cells Mom had.   Unfortunately when we moved her back to Kansas that poster got lost in the move.  The sentiment never got lost.

On Facebook someone said they wanted to go to Heaven for a visit with someone that is there.  I think I'll wait for that honor.  We'll get there soon enough.  Or wherever we wind up.  The jury is still out on that.

I sure wish that Mother Nature had spread out the rain yesterday.  The city of Manhattan (The little Apple here in Kansas) got about 4 inches in about three hours and there are parts of Kansas that can really use an inch or two.  Right now, the ground here at Rabbit Run is a soggy doggie and we'll do until it rains again. 

Barb has three rows of tomatoes planted and a bunch more plants still in pots.  She needs to work on finding them homes.  Surely there are people that can use them.  I think she needs to take them to the school and give them to the teachers there.  I think it would be nice to have the teachers every once in a while have nice thoughts of Barbara, she deserves it.

Oh well, better get moving, yesterday was pretty slow and I didn't get much done.  I think I loaded the dishwasher, paid the taxes and cooked dinner.  Throw in a good nap or two and singing last night and that's the report on my day.  You all have a great week out there.


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