BIG D, that stands for Diet

It just kills me when I read that people are trying all sorts of diets as fads to lose weight. It really is a matter of understanding how much you need to eat for the weight you are. All food is calories to fuel your engine. If your body needs less than you eat, you store it in the form of fat. I can say this because I have enough extra to keep me alive should I run into a rough patch. Those skinny people will run out in a couple of days and me, I'm good for a week at least. One column I read said she was on the low or no carbohydrate and she felt shaky and weak. Duh, you body needs fuel and guess where most of it comes from?

On of my biggest things is hearing how much fat is in products. The MG continues to tell me about fat like it is a totally negative thing. Yes, I understand that if I eat potato chips and have to wipe the oil off my fingers, they probably have more fat than I need. When grease runs down my face and stains my shirt, I probably have too much butter on my potato.

Is it too much for me to ask the MG to either remember to take those stupid cloth sacks in or to take out plastic? I feel foolish when she forgets the sacks and then tries to carry out 10 items in her arms. If you want to be smart for the earth, you should at least look not stupid in the parking lot. Who wants to look like a smash and grab thief on their way to the car? If you don't want sacks, go to Sam's club.

I just wish you could have felt the wind in your face yesterday as we rode at the lake. What a great day for getting out and making circles with the pedals. Even if there wasn't a smile on my face, there was one in my heart. Just a note, if you are walking a pit bull, pay attention to what he is doing. If he bites me, you will not like my reaction.

Have a great day out there.



  1. LOL! If you mean Rechelle, weak and shaky is just part of her schtick. I didn't take that seriously since she's always talking about feeling weak and shaky. I do think diets that are about balance and appropriate portions are much healthier in the long run.

    I always forget my cloth grocery sacks. That's not so bad when I'm just going to the Jack and Jill because their plastic sacks are nice and large and fit perfectly in our kitchen trash can as liners. I really need to remember to bring the cloth sacks to Dillon's and Walmart though. Their sacks are very difficult to reuse since their smaller and often weaker. I do try to reuse them or at least take them back and put them in the box to be recycled. I love shopping at Aldi and just using the empty boxes. I really need to get back in the habit of going to Aldi (even though it's further) because I think I really do save a good bit of money by shopping there first.

    It should be another beautiful day today. I hope you get a nice ride in.

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    To set the record straight, I carried out 9 of 10 items and put them in our reusable bags. MUD carried out the half gallon of ice cream only. Poor guy. I think we are very lucky to just have Petty things to complain about.

  3. Oh I am liking the tone here .. I am over from Flea's she told us all you won the name the boy contest ... bravo,MUD ..

    And MG, come here a sec, I got one of those recycled from plastic bottle bags and it folds up small enough so even a New York Fashionista like me can schlep it along in my shoulderbag and have it at the ready anytime I need it ..and trust me, tho I am sure you know, ALL our husbands are alike ... there should be a soap called All Our Husbands ..

  4. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I came from Fleas! I don't want to talk about weight.... apparently I like a little too much fuel...

    I also like riding my bike and 40 minutes at 12 miles an hour sounds like just my speed!

    Have a great day!