Faux Thunder

Thanks to two dogs, here is Jenn's photo. That smile on the picture and the person is the same we have known for years. You would love her if you knew her.
I am not sure if this looks like a cold frame or a glass out house

Barb is really into the starting of a garden early this year. To help her, I built a cold frame on the south porch deck. It is mostly a 2X4 lumber frame with aluminum storm windows and a storm door. Last night the weather man predicted that a storm would move through Topeka in the early morning hours. About 3 AM I heard what I thought was thunder. As I listened, I realized that it all sounded the same and fairly regular. The darned door on the cold frame was open and banging on the deck rail. I need to get that darned door closer installed as soon as it is light enough. I went out and closed the door so it wouldn't bang unless a wind moves the frame and the door pops open again. Oh well, build it light and things happen. Build it heavy and then you can't move it.

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of my niece Jennifer. First she went to Mardi gras and rode on a float. She threw beads to the people standing along side the road as the floats went by. Second, as a Nationally ranked rower, she rowed on the National Team and has won many regattas here in the Midwest. As such, the KU Rowing team put her picture on the wall in the newly dedicated KU Boat house. Their team also is naming a boat in her honor soon. I am looking forward to attending the dedication, launching or whatever they call that ceremony. Jennifer is also the one of the coaches for the KC Rowing team. She has had a junior rower team for several years. Many of her team members have gone on to college and rowed on the college team. Jenn is a Kansas City Fire person and is working her way up the ladder of success. I'm sure the only limit is her ability to find more time in her busy life for more responsibility. Her final glory is the owner ship of a new dog. Her girls have been getting older and as they get less active it has saddened her. I am glad to see that she has a new dog to help her make the transition when the time comes. Lets see, three dogs, several cats and a niece. I guess Jenn is just one of those people that has a big heart and lots of love to give to visitors in her home. I wonder if she would like a pair of cockatiels, or perhaps hissing cockroaches. If you click on this link and go to picture 16 it is Jenn by her picture: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/view.gal?id=43484
I would have cut and pasted the picture if I could figure out how to cut and paste out of Adobe Flash Player.

Today will be a day of round ball watching because the Big XII season is on its final day of the regular season. KU can win the Conference Championship outright if they can manage to beat Texas in Allen Field House. They have won a record 37 games at home so it is a good thing to be home. On the other hand, Texas is playing to salvage what is left of their season. It will be Senior Day so Matt Klineman will get a start. Be nice if he could score some points but he is going to be an architect and has a 3.6 GPA so he doesn't have to score for KU to win.

Have a great day out there



  1. I loved your comment on Jenns blog about the dog she does belong to Jenn. I have loved and cared for her for 4 years and I just did not have the skills necessary to care for her. She started to show aggression towards kiddos and it was time for a change for her. I love that in those pictures she has a grin on her face, she is where she belongs.

  2. Thanks MUD!
    And I can't wait until I retire and can road trip to KU games...what fun. Even though they lost...they're back now. For now. And the dog...she's bonkers but fun.

  3. If you think a road trip to see the hawks is fun, you should go to Burmingham with Janet and see the littlest Kirkland. I need to work on a good road car for trips. Our poor old cars are about all worn out. MUD