This is how I feel about last night's game!

Guess What? The KU Men's Basketball team is only about the 10th best team in the US. We all knew that the majority of the 2008 National Championship team went on to other things, mostly Pro Basketball. Everyone said this would be a year that whatever they did was good enough. Well, Good enough won the BIG XII and was enough to help us all cheer our butts off when there were times we wanted to cry. To at least lift our focus off the economy. Last night Michigan State played hard, KU played hard and the best men won. KU will arrive home about noon today and go on with the rest of their school year. They are after all students that play a game. I wanted them to win but I will accept that they are a bunch of kids that most of us would accept into our homes because they are great people. Rock Chalk! Just so you will know there is still enough play left in Oklahoma and Missouri to end the year on a right note. You know what? Someone will win and the rest will go home.

We are still getting moisture from that massive winter storm out west but have managed to not get the foot of snow that covered Dodge City. In fact, there is a little ice on the sidewalks but for the most part it came down as rain or sleet. This morning as I went out to feed the cat and fetch the paper it was slick but nothing you couldn't handle if you went slow. Old + Mornings does not equal fast in my book. We are glad to have the moisture and will probably stay home and enjoy what we have. I will write and read my normal blogs and watch the birds work over the feeders.

We went over to Best Buy yesterday and visited with Dave. He bought us a case for the hard drive from Barb's old MAC. So far I have it installed in the case but haven't figured out the software and installation for the MAC that lets the system recognize the hard drive. I guess the IBM guys have a software system that searches for the new items installed and installs the drivers for us. So far if the MAC does that, I haven't found the magic key or process. It seems like Dave is about to get a promotion to the Geek Squad there. You know, those guys that wear white shirts and black ties. He has taken most of their training and is way smarter about computers than anyone else I know. I am a user, not an expert. I'll bet he winds up meeting and greeting customers at the front window because of his customer service skills. He is aces with people and really knows how to help solve problems or at least make people not feel like idiots when they have a problem.

If everything works out, it looks like we are in for a trip to Europe and Africa. We have found some great priced tickets to Spain and will cross over into Morocco to see our friends there. The tickets we found are about half of what they were last year. So far the Euro seems to be holding and the dollar is not free yet. Oh well, I'll tell you more later. Yes mother, we have our passports and according to the web site do not need Visa's to visit so long as we don't stay more than 90 days. Barb knows the 10 day rule that I can only be away from home for about 10 days and I get cranky. It really is her fault that she wanted us to build a house in the woods that I love and want to go home about every 10 days.

Oh well, gonna go see what everyone else is saying. Have a great weekend out there.


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  1. I really wanted KU to win last night; 3 teams in the Eight would have made a statement to the east coast people. It was a heck of a game in any instance.