What Gets My Heart Pounding!

These are just a few more things that get my heart pounding a little harder.

  • Stupid headlines in the newspaper. "The reason we are Fat; Politics & Iowa," Another one of those High Fructose myths that appears from time to time. Corn Sugar aka High Fructose Corn Syrup is just another form of sweet. We eat too much and too often and a lot of products contain corn sugar. We need to get up off our butts and do more and eat less. It isn't politics that makes me so sad, it is winter. Lets outlaw winter!

  • Once each year I sit down with Turbo Tax and run the first shot of my taxes. I always have a rapid heartbeat when for the first time I see the gross income and the Taxes due. Now that I have the retirement income coming in all at the same time I can really forecast what and when I need to pay. If it weren't that taxes and the March Madness of Basketball arrive at the same time I would not be able to stand this time of year.

  • The wind blowing through my hair when I get out and ride the recumbent bicycle around the lake for the first time. I will ride part way around the lake a couple of times to work out the kinks and get ready. That first time I ride all the way around is the best. The real truth is I wear a helmet when I ride so it is really the wind in my face. It is a good thing that my bike all the things I am not. Fast, light and nimble and fun to ride is the name for the blue racer recumbent. Alas, I am not any of these things. I know, we neither were/are cheap.

  • That first cup of coffee in the morning. I would rather watch the sun come up, hear the coffee perking in the pot and open that new paper than about anything else. The dining room here at rabbit run gets filled with sunlight and all is well with the world. Until I read the stupid headlines in the paper.

  • Did mention stupid things done and said by stupid people make my heart beat elevate? The local bus company recently had to cut some routes and service because of cost. Today the paper told us why. Those idiots signed a 10 month contract for diesel at 4.69 cents a gallon. Today the market price is 1.69 for the non taxed diesel. That one mistake cost the city a quarter of a million dollars. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • The local police department had a helicopter unit until they had crashed most of the available copters including a new one. They got grounded by the outcry of the public. Now they have sucked the sheriff into this problem and are going to have a joint helicopter force. What we need is one law enforcement unit in the county and it needs to be ground based. We are not LA. I lost one friend to a crash and don't want to lose another.

  • Another problem to fix from the national level. Fix the economy stupid! Leave Education and Health Care alone until we figure out how to get jobs and the banking system fixed. I promise you that the only way we can have banking, guns, new schools, better roads and health care is a tax increase. That will start the spiral of decreased revenue and higher taxes until we will all wish we had a little inflation rather than government confiscation of our income.

Crap, this was going to be a piece about things that increase my heartbeat not a rant! See what happens when I start writing after my second cup of coffee and reading the paper. Dang I hate it when that happens!



  1. I thought from the photo it would be about things that increase your heartbeat in a good way. Most of this sounds like stuff that would elevate your blood pressure. Your sweet wife, the bike rides, and the basketball are things you should think about. Forget the rest of that crap, MUD!

  2. I was told to not read the paper or watch the news or cnn and stuff like that. I will be happier not knowing things are going down the toilet. As long as I personally try to not spend on stupid things, recycle, and try to do the right thing, that is enough. I can't control others. I know that I need to pay attention during elections to make sure that the government lives to the same standards that I expect of myself:) Wouldn't life be different?

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Jenni. I agree with Aunt Carrie. Just think of the serenity prayer...God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I recite this to myself over and over every day when my road rage is building up;)

  4. Glad to hear you are riding your bike again or at least thinking about it.

  5. What good is a blog if you can't rant now and then. All that acceptance crap just makes me want to really go out and kill something. The pRESIDENT LIED TO US WHEN HE said there would be no more add on's. I judge we have had about 17,00 line items of pork since he took over. Now he is appointing an ex-Clinton staffer after another. If it doesn't make sense for us to just spend everything we can lay our hands on, why does it work for the Government. If it wasn't so serious I would just break down in a fit of laughter. MUD