Big Dance Brackets

I would hate for anyone to think that former Coach Bob Knight and I have anything in common. Next to Billy Packer, Bob Knight is the biggest Horses Ass in Basketball. How Dr Knight escaped being forced into mandatory anger management classes eludes me. But with that said, he has a recommendation that would end the controversy about who got into the Big Dance. He said that they just need to extend the brackets by one game and let that game be held on the home court of the higher seed. What difference to the finals would 128 teams make?
He feels that the one game expansion would add the the satisfaction of fans across the Nation and increase the revenue of both teams playing. He said that a simple split of the gate would pay for the added travel costs and really give those teams selected to the Championship a chance to show their stuff to their fans at home.
The other way for this to work would be for the NIT to have an entry into the big dance that the NIT winner could play to win. Nah, that sucks... I like the first idea better. Think about having teams like Baylor, K-State and Tulsa having the chance to play those little Mid Major teams that win a tournament and get into the dance. Having the 6th, 7th and 8th place team in the BIG XII play some of the tourney winners would answer if they should be there in the first place.
Let me say that I would not want the job of picking who gets to play in the NCAA Div I Men's Basketball Championship. No matter how good a job you do, there are living rooms across the nation filled with fans calling "foul". It would be like the job of picking the flavor cool-aid for a Jim Jones meeting. It would be a no win situation and sure to get you declared Persona Non Grata faster than Lisa Lampaneli at a roast for Larry the Cable Guy. (Just a note- if you missed that gem on the Comedy channel your should consider yourself lucky. I will save that discussion for another time)
On our trip to Lubbock, we side tracked north to Canyon, Texas. There is a canyon there called Palo Duro that is a great view. Also the city of Canyon has an auditorium there that was the home of the Div II Women's Basketball Championship. Our own Jessica Mainz from Washburn University played her final game there this week. She also said that in November she played her final Soccer game there and they lost that game also. Needless to say, Jessica won't take trips to Canyon, Texas for vacations. Dang, I hate it when that happens.
It will be 70 here today.

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