I Won!

One of the blogs I read had a contest to help find a name for he son who was awarded the Order of the Arrow from his Boy Scout troop. I liked the fact that she called him Oatmeal Head and thought that Red Rocks in his head or Red Rocks was a good name. He did too (without the in his head part) so mosey over to http://thegoodflea.com/ and see what she is up to. I thought her Monday Irish jokes about the best I have read in a long while.

Being a former drinker, in my younger years, I thought the joke about Patrick and Michael in a life boat very funny. Michael found a lamp in the side pocket and as soon as he rubbed off the dust a Gennie popped out. He gave the only one wish and Michael wished the ocean to be full of Guinness beer. Patrick complained to Michael, "Now we'll have to pee in the boat."

I think I have always liked jokes that have an odd twist of turn of phrase the kind I like the best. Jokes with punchlines such as "it was the bear that made Mel Famey walk us". Or the beer, whatever....

This is spring break and the opening day of the NCAA Div I Men's Basketball Championship. It is going to be a little cool after a cold front passed so I will probably spend the day reading a book and watching roundball. Both will make my eyes hurt and I will probably sleep well dreaming about a mass killer killing basketballs.

My horoscope was interesting in that it directed me to take notes if I was given details to follow. I guess I'll skip putting the finishing touch on my taxes today. Oh well, Have a great day out there.



  1. congrats on winning fleas name game :) I am sure red rocks will love his new name :)

  2. Congratulations! I came from Flea's. Red Rocks....rocks LOL.

  3. Thanks for offering the winning name, MUD. :) I know you didn't want a prize, but I got a pound of Community coffee with chicory while in Louisiana, jsut for you. We're not chicory fans, so I have to send it to you. Surely you're a coffee drinker? :)