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Just and update on how my beard is doing

After getting up at 4 AM yesterday to make a flight back to Kansas, I went to my Master Foods class in Lawrence. I was just a little late and we got to make a cake and fudge in the time left in the morning. Other teams Had made peanut brittle and lots and lots of different kinds of cakes. What a haul. Everyone took home a plate full of cakes and candy. They made the quick fantasy fudge using marshmallow cream but it was OK. The afternoon as a lecture class ad I about broke my neck head bobbing trying to stay awake. OH well, this is a fun class and we are learning a lot. Now if I can just remember the details.

I am contemplating writing the paper in Lubbock. On senior night, when they should show up to see their 5 seniors graduate, play the leading tea in the conference, and a great weather night, the Red Raider fans in the stands were outnumbered by Jay Hawk fans. They had the band and cheerleaders so they made more noise. With Missouri beating Texas this week, KU needs to do the same this weekend. Failing to do that, Missouri will own the Big XII conference Championship. Oh well, KU could have done a better job against Texas Tech and have the title outright. It was theirs to win.

What the heck is going on with the networks? They have been starting a game and cutting somewhere else without warning. I sure hope someone nails their ears back and they don't do that during the Big Dance. It is just a pain to get into a game and then find your coverage cut to a different game.

That's all for now, Going to a Doctor's visit.



  1. Okay, no update on the beard, huh?

    Here's a cooking site for you, enjoy.


  2. The dog picture looks like me according to Barb. Only his beard is better looking and better kept.
    It was a joke. I know how hard it is to laugh or see anything funny in these trying times.

  3. So I guess you look like you need to be scratched behind the ears and under the chin, huh? I can think of worse ways to look.

    MUD, everything that I see these days is hilarious. Our government beclowns itself minutely.

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Hey big bro, you can watch any game during the big dance on the internet without the risk of them cutting away to another game. I think the site is www.ncaa.com. Watch CBS and they will mention it.