Little House in the Woods, Rabbit Run - Front View

Head waters of Tecumseh Creek
First sign of Spring in the woods, Spiders come to visit

Rabbit Run House, South View

Barb's Butterfly Cake

Path in the Woods after the Snow

Thinking of Spring, Flowers and Green

Sign of the day from my Best Bud

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  1. That's a great house, looks like an awesome location too!

  2. Beautiful cake!

    Someday, someday we will have a deck like that along the back of the house. And I will finally be able to get some good pics of the sun rising through the woods.

  3. From all appearances, it is less than warm at Rabbit Run. And that spider, dude.

  4. First of all - was THAT spider in your house? I hope you made it bigger in the picture than it really was - it looks nice and hairy!

    That butterfly cake is beautiful- kudos to Barbara.

  5. This spider was caught inside the house at Rabbit Run and Barb put it in a jor to put outside as soon as the snow melted. He was at least two inches perhaps 2 1/2 from leg tip to leg tip. When you live in Mother nature's playplace, you have to expect some of her other minions to show up now and then.