A little Weather Yesterday

When the wind blows here, the deer come down into the woods below the house and hide out. This is one of the twins we normally see. he is only about 50 feet from the back door. I wonder how you cook young deer? Poached? Nah, Barb wouldn't let me shoot Bambi.

This is a view of the angry sky that changed by the moment. With the wind gusting to 60 MPH, you didn't get to see the slowly changing patterns of clouds.

When barb went out to take pictures, the horses came to visit her. She didn't bring any apples or carrots and she didn't even pet them. I'm sure that the noise of the wind had them upset.

The wind yesterday tried its best to imitate a jet engine here at Rabbit Run. There were gusts of wind up to 60 MPH and it shook all the trees until there can't be any dead branches in the trees today. You couldn't hear anything but the wind when you went outside. The only good thing about it was that the spring sap had started to flow or we would have had ice storm amounts piles of branches all over the place. There were 10 semi trucks blown over out on I-70 because the drivers were too stupid to stop and wait it out. We lost out power but it was repaired shortly as it was only a fuse in the line that blew because the trees touched the line up on the road.

A lot of really strong thunderstorms passed over Kansas but most stayed well west of here. Sometime very late in the night (or darned early this morning) we finally did get some rain out of all the storms. I estimate it somewhere about 1/2 an inch by the water in the kitty food dish.

For a week the temperatures have been varied and it seemed a lot more like late spring rather than late winter. We are on the short list to get some snow this weekend. It is not warm outside and the clouds hold the temperature above freezing but does not allow it to warm up above 40. With a residual wind of 10-20 MPH it is not a fun day out there.

Even the birds are back hitting the feeders hard. They have been out nesting and getting ready to be somewhere else. Perhaps I need to be somewhere else also.

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  1. The deer looks a little scrawny, maybe it's time to start feeding them a little better.

    Pretty horses, though.